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    Social Media Calls Out Jada Pinkett Smith For Constantly Humiliating Will Smith In Public

    Jada Pinkett Smith has a book coming out and for its promotions, she has been featured in multiple interviews. Though the content of each interview, along with the interviewer is different, one thing that remains constant in all the interviews is how she continues to disclose humiliating and private information about her relationship with Will Smith.

    After Oscar’s slap incident, Jada spoke up about her ‘confusion’ about Will hitting Chris Rock, she has now disclosed that she and Will have been separated for years. Here’s what social media thinks about Jada and why they think Will should now be saved.

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    Jada And Will Smith’s Relationship

    Will Smith and Jada Smith

    Jada Smith and Will Smith were enjoying marital bliss when the slapping incident occurred. After Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith for making a joke about Jada, fans called out her lack of support towards Will and how she initiated the whole incident by giving Will ‘a look’ who was otherwise laughing at the joke but then suddenly proceeded to get up and assault Chris Rock.

    Now Jada revealed that she and Will have actually been separated for seven years. Not just that, she also called Tupac Shakur her ‘soulmate’ and said, “If there is such a thing as past lives, I definitely think Pac and I have traveled a few together. You know, in various forms.”

    Jada also had an affair with August Alsina which she admitted to in a tell-all interview with Will Smith.

    As she continues to do more interviews, she also continues to make more and more revelations about her marriage with Will Smith – something that social media fans are upset over as they call her out for humiliating Will again and again.

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    “An Evil Manipulative Scumbug” Social Media Reacts To Jada Humiliating Will Smith

    The slap incident completely destroyed Will Smith’s career as he continues to face the consequences of assaulting Chris Rock. While he goes about his life, Jada Smith has come forward to reveal more and more information about her relationship with Will, most of which goes against his favor.

    Many users on X came forward to call out Jada and expressed their sympathy for Will.

    Another user commented on Jada saying that she and Will have been separated for years, calling her out for not speaking up when Will’s entire career went downhill just to defend her.

    More users called out Jada’s behavior.

    Another user said that Will needs to be saved.

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