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    Amanda Seyfried Speaks About Her Experience Of Childbirth And Her Wish To Become A Doula

    The 36-year-old actress, Amanda Seyfried is the mother of two children with her husband Thomas Sadoski. “The dropout” star is also an Oscar nominee. Last year in October the actress opened up to the People’s Magazine about the challenges of childbirth she has faced. During the delivery of her son, she faced some health complications. She explained, “it was a very physical thing and it was a spinal thing, but I’m okay.” And now, the actress has expressed her wish to be a Doula.

    What Made Amanda To Wish To Be A Doula?

    Amanda Seyfried
    Amanda Seyfried

    Amanda speaks to Marie Claire Magazine about her experience of childbirth. She says that the experience was so amazing that she wishes to become a doula herself. Doula is a non-healthcare professional who helps and supports another person(patient) during childbirth, miscarriage and induced abortion.

    “I was like, This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of. I have to be there for women; childbirth is amazing,” she said of her experience. “I was talking to my doula a lot about what she did. I was like, That sounds like the best thing, and I just wanted to be there when people have a baby.”

    She revealed that she ultimately did not move forward with the further process to make it official. “I’m better at, like, taking pictures and massaging the back,” she told the publication.

    Amanda Seyfried’s Unorthodox Plans For Future

    Amanda Seyfried
    Amanda Seyfried

    The actress reveals that she has taken up a new business venture with her friends. She started building playhouses for children. The toy homes are crafted using sustainable materials and have enough space for kids to stand.

    “It feels so good to do stuff completely out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to start a company,” she said, adding: “I also don’t want to f–- it up for us. I’m not going to be the face of it. I’m not a brand person. I’m an actor.”

    The actress Amanda Seyfried revealed that she hopes to launch the company this year.

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