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    Amber Heard Tearfully Testifies About Johnny Depp’s Alleged Abuse And Drug Use

    Amber Heard opens up about her relationship and marriage with Johnny Depp. She also discusses how the actor evolved into a Jekyll-and-Hyde monster who battered and threatened to kill her. This leads to Johnny turning his marriage into a real-life horror picture. That was also the case while he was abusing drugs and alcohol.

    After more than three weeks of Depp’s side presenting its case in his blockbuster defamation trial against her. Amber takes the stand and reveals the terrible details of the couple’s sour love affair. Life was good earlier for the couple according to Amber but later Depp turned awful.

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    Amber Heard Shares She Could Not Take It Anymore

    Amber Heard's
    Amber and Johnny Depp

    Amber shares that suddenly Depp turned into an awful thing and the Johnny whom she loved used to disappear. Amber, who broke down in tears numerous times throughout her brief testimony, said she had no idea which version of Johnny Depp she would get. She shares that Johnny on speed isn’t the same as Johnny on opiates.

    Further, Johnny on opiates is quite different from Adderall and cocaine Johnny. And this addicted Johnny is very different from Johnny on quaaludes. Amber reveals that she began to comprehend all of Johnny’s variations. Her ex-husband avoided eye contact with her during her testimony. Heard also shared in the court that her relationship with Johnny was heated from the start. But then that was part of the appeal at that point in time for her.

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    How A Slap Changed Amber’s Life Forever

    “He just shoved his fingers inside me,” she continued, adding that she “just stood there standing at the stupid light” as he twisted his fingers around inside her.
    “He just shoved his fingers inside me,” Amber Heard continued, adding that she “just stood there standing at the stupid light” as he twisted his fingers around inside her.


    Amber shares that during the beginning of her relationship, she used to love being around Johnny. Heard shared that it felt like she was the most beautiful person in the world. She felt that, yes, she was being valued and not taken for granted. Depp smacked her for the first time in March 2013, she claimed, and it was the turning point in their relationship.


    “I’ll never forget it. It changed my life.”

    Amber Heard while testifying on Wednesday


    When asked about the new tattoo Depp told her that the tattoo said, Wino. She laughed at it since it was a cover-up for his prior tattoo about Winona Forever. But, according to Heard, he didn’t think it was humorous and smacked her across the face. While remembering one especially traumatic event in May 2013, she grew tearful. While seeking his drugs, Depp allegedly did a non-consensual “cavity search” on her. Depp began touching her clothing before pulling it and her panties off her. Depp has even warned to kill Heard!


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