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    Amber Heard Webbed In FBI Investigation: Know All About The Case

    It has not been long since Amber Heard stepped out of the court after a six-week-long and hectic defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The final verdict brought a great victory to Depp with a settlement of $10.35 million which is near to impossible for Heard to pay. But, the dust is not cleared out yet as she wants to appeal the verdict.

    Meanwhile, it seems like Amber has some other concerns to take care of. Recently, a source hinted that the FBI is joining an investigation already underway against the actress. Now, the question is, what will happen to the case?

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    Wait, What? Amber Heard Illegally Took Her Dogs To Australia?

    Amber Heard with her dog
    Amber Heard

    That’s right! The case we’re talking about right now doesn’t involve Johnny Depp. Rather, it has to do with Heard’s two canine pets. In May 2015, she reportedly traveled to Australia and failed to declare her two terriers named Pistol and Boo. Previously, Depp’s employee Kevin Murphy highlighted that Heard had been told “repeatedly” that it was illegal to bring her pets with her to Australia. But apparently she accused him of making false statements about the dogs. Rather she told him to ask another assistant, Ms. James, to “lie under oath” in a Gold Coast courtroom.

    Specifically, Ms. Heard wanted Ms. James to give a false statement that Ms. Heard was unaware that it would be illegal for her to bring her dogs into Australia,” Murphy said. “Ms. Heard was aware that this was illegal because I had informed her repeatedly by email, telephone, and in person.”

    According to The Guardian, Murphy told Heard it was illegal for her to bring her Yorkshire terriers into the country because “the relevant paperwork and permits were not complete and the required 10-day quarantine arrangements had not been put in place.”

    He added, “She was charged in October 2015 with making a false statement on her immigration card as she checked ‘no’ to the question of importing anything into the country that ought to have been declared.”

    FBI Is On Duty For The Case

    Amber Heard
    Amber Heard

    Now, the FBI has joined the investigation into Heard’s canine debacle. According to, “While bringing pets along with you on a trip or vacation isn’t illegal, not doing the right paperwork with them in mind certainly is. Australia has strict quarantine laws and any animals brought into the country must be quarantined for 10 days. Heard checked the box “no” which would have indicated the dogs were with her. Now, the FBI seems to be working with the Australian government to investigate this matter further.”

    If convicted of perjury in the 2015 dog controversy, Australian lawmaker Barnaby Joyce wants to see Amber Heard imprisoned in Australia.

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