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    Amber Rose Reveals Kanye West Forced Her To Dress Seductively Despite Her ‘Conservative’ Reluctance

    Amber Rose‘s first high-profile relationship was with Kanye West. They started dating in 2008. Although she had no desire to be known for her sexuality, the “Carnival” singer had some other plans. The model stated on Thursday’s episode of “Just B with Bethenny Frankel,” that Kanye forced her to wear more Fiery clothing ‘against’ her will.

    Amber Rose admitted in the interview that she has always been conservative since a young age. She said, “I am conservative actually, I have always been conservative since I was young.” Later, Kanye West’s harsh expectations became a reality. She truly turned into a s*x-pot type girl, after she gained notoriety. Her image was made like this due to her relationship with Kanye.

    She said, “That was my first relationship with a celebrity ever but also in the public eye. “And he knows a lot about fashion and he always wanted me to dress very sexy”. Later on Amber realized where she had gone wrong. It wasn’t her fault either. Kanye was more popular and well-known than her, and she was younger. She believed it was appropriate for her to do as he instructed.

    “So when I was out on my own — without my first relationship that kind of brought me to the light — that’s what they wanted from me.” She even realized how ‘cringe’ she was during that time and she had to sacrifice things.

    “I would have producers saying, ‘We want to do this video for MTV and we want you at the pool, with a bikini on, martini in your hand.’ And I’m like, ‘Ugh, I’m so not her.’ Like I’m so not her and I get what I come off as but I am so not her,’” Amber concluded.

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    Kanye IS Doing The Same Thing With His Wife Bianca Now

    Kanye and Bianca
    Kanye and Bianca

    Kanye West also known as ‘Ye, has been in the news lately for his outspoken views and outrageous public antics. He made headlines for his family dramas with Kim Kardashian and even disappeared for a while.

    After divorcing Kim Kardashian, the singer got engaged to model Bianca. She also plays a significant role in the controversies due to her inappropriate dressing sense. Well, Bianca isn’t the problem here, it’s Kanye.

    Bianca is often seen wearing bold outfits and is even half-naked sometimes. It feels like he is doing it all again, just as he did to Amber Rose.

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