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    Amy Schumer Sports A Baby Bump On The Set Of ‘Kinda Pregnant’ After Revealing Real-Life Cushing Syndrome

    The comedian is back with her antics and this time her choice of prop is a fake pregnant belly. Amy Schumer, the comic queen is sprinkling her humor magic all over this season’s new rom-com with her baby bump.

    The 41-year-old multi-talented star has been in the news for bashing the haters commenting on her appearance, which has to do with her dealing with Cushing Syndrome. Now is Amy’s new look another jab at them? We don’t test the scale of petty when it comes to the ladies of Hollywood so it very well could be. Keep reading to see what pictures we’re discussing. 

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    Lainy’s Baby Bump Debut

    Amy Schumer On Set of 'Kinda Pregnant' (Image: Getty)
    Amy Schumer On Set of ‘Kinda Pregnant’ (Image: Getty)

    Amy Schumer, the reigning queen of comedy, was spotted in Brooklyn, New York, flaunting a fake baby bump for her upcoming Netflix rom-com. In true Schumer fashion, she’s not just acting jealous, she’s donning a prosthetic belly to outshine her expecting best friend. 

    Schumer, in her role as Lainy, takes jealousy to a whole new level. Wearing that baby bump like a badge of honor, she’s not just faking a pregnancy, she’s practically giving the paparazzi a maternity photoshoot. Who needs an Oscar when you can pull off a prosthetic pregnancy like a seasoned method actor? This new rom-com seems to promise laughs, tears, and, knowing Schumer, probably a few unexpected plot twists!

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    Amy Schumer’s Real-Life Mom Status

    Amy Schumer On Set of 'Kinda Pregnant' (Image: Getty)
    Amy Schumer On Set of ‘Kinda Pregnant’ (Image: Getty)

    While Schumer is busy rocking a faux baby bump on set, her real-life parenting adventures are just as entertaining. Mom to 4-year-old Gene, Amy’s has been pretty candid about her pregnancy journey. The comedian spoke publicly about her experience with IVF in 2020 on Sunday Today With Willie Geist.

    She said, “I decided that I can’t be pregnant ever again. We did IVF and IVF was really tough on me. I don’t think I could ever do IVF again. … We thought about a surrogate. But I think we’re going to hold off for right now.”

    From contemplating surrogacy to hilariously shutting down body-shamers, Schumer has been pretty busy lately. In classic Schumer style, she manages to turn real-life challenges into punchlines, reminding us that behind the Hollywood glitz, there’s just a talented woman. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for Schumer’s new rom-com rollercoaster, where fake bumps meet real-life laughs!

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