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    “I Was So Nervous To Get Too High”: Austin Butler Talks About His ‘Wild’ Dinner With Snoop Dogg And His Hero Robert De Niro

    Austin Butler is finally talking about his dinner date with rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Robert De Niro that took the internet by storm! In March, the odd pairing of three went viral on Instagram after Snoop’s son Champ Medici posted photos of the celebrities lounging around a Malibu, California, house.

    They’re all seen in one photo smiling for the camera as De Niro holds his dog who he named Snoopy. The party, that mostly revolved around tacos, also consisted of a certain drug that Dogg is famous for which, Butler declined. Here’s everything the ‘Elvis‘ actor revealed about the wild night.

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    Austin Butler’s Dinner Date With Snoop Dogg And Robert De Niro

    Austin Butler's night to remember
    Austin Butler’s night to remember

    Austin Butler talked about the viral photos while he spoke to Jimmy Fallon on his show and revealed more details about the party.

    “That was wild,” Austin Butler said, “A mutual friend said, ‘Do you wanna come over to my house and have tacos with Snoop Dogg and Robert De Niro?’ and I dropped everything and I was there in a heartbeat.”

    Fallon then asked him if Snoop offered him any weed, to which he replied, “He had it there. I was so nervous to get too high and try to talk to my hero, Robert De Niro, so I refrained.”

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    Austin Butler On Other Celebrity Encounters

    Austin Butler
    Austin Butler

    Austin Butler, it seems, has a few crazy Hollywood stories up his sleeve. He recalled a party he attended at Paul McCartney’s place, where he met a few more stars and felt starstruck.

    Talking about meeting Meryl Streep at the party, he said, “I was nervous. I ended up kind of not having anyone to talk to at one point so I went into Paul McCartney’s kitchen and I ate some of his vegan pizza … And then a friend came over and said, ‘Do you want me to introduce you?’ I couldn’t believe I was meeting Meryl Streep with Paul McCartney’s vegan pizza in my mouth.”

    He also added that the party was getting DJ’d by none other than Taylor Swift! He said, speaking to Fallon about the party, who labelled it as  “the craziest party I’ve ever been to in my whole life,” of how Swift started DJing, “Yeah, she was DJing at one point. She’s [working] at parties now.” 

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