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    Ayo Edebiri And Paul Mescal May Pair Up For A RomCom Film Adaptation Of Author Emily Henry’s Book

    Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal are both emerging young stars with a heavy fanbase despite their recent entry into Hollywood. Though the two have not worked together yet, their friendship is on full display as both stars often share photos with each other on their social media handles.

    While fans have been eyeing their potential chemistry, many hope to see them together on screen. Romance novelist Emily Henry may have some good news for these hopeful fans. The author has recently suggested that the actors would make a perfect fit for a rom-com adaptation of one of her novels.

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    Author Emily Henry Says Ayo Edebiri And Paul Mescal Are Her Favorite “Irish” Actors

    Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal (Credit: Instagram)
    Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal (Credit: Instagram)

    In a recent conversation with Variety, novelist Emily Henry was speaking about the film adaptation of one of her books and the actors who would fit perfectly as her lead characters.

    Seemingly excited about the prospect of getting Paul Mescal and Ayo Edebiri as her lead stars, she said, “I think that they would be amazing. I actually saw them being discussed [online] for several different roles — and I definitely have a favorite.”

    While scripts for film adaptations of Henry’s popular novels like ‘Beach Read and ‘People We Meet on Vacation are already in the works, Henry did not reveal any details about the casting. However, she did drop a hint, calling Edebiri and Mescal her favorite “Irish” actors.

    Though Paul Mescal and Ayo Edebiri had recently sparked dating rumors because of a viral St Patrick’s Day Instagram photo, sources clarified that Edebiri and Mescal are “just friends.” Henry was among the thousands of fans who celebrated the actor’s joint St. Patrick’s Day selfie by sharing it on her Instagram story.

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    Emily Henry Says She Plans On Involving Paul Mescal And Ayo Edebiri In Her Projects In Some Capacity

    Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal with friends (Credit: Instagram)
    Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal with friends (Credit: Instagram)

    However, despite the actors not being a couple, Henry expressed her desire to involve both of them in the film adaptations in some capacity. “Different adaptations would either have one of them playing to type, or one of those adaptations would have them both playing to type, and one of them would have them both playing against type,” Henry explained.

    She also assured her reader fans that each upcoming film adaptation will prioritize their interests, with directors who understand the importance of staying true to the source material. “My main goal is to represent the readers’ interests,” she said.

    Both Paul Mescal and Ayo Edebiri are fan-favorites. While Edebiri is currently busy working on the third season of ‘The Bear’, where her portrayal of Sydney Adamu has garnered critical acclaim, Mescal is gearing up for the highly anticipated ‘Gladiator’ sequel.

    Set to be released in November, the film stars Mescal as Lucius, the son of the original film’s characters Lucilla and Commodus. As fans eagerly await these projects, the possibility of seeing Edebiri and Mescal together on the big screen is also highly anticipated.

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