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    Baby Ariel Current Relationship And Dating History Explored

    With the developing social media platforms, influencer also develops and gets successful in winning the heart of netzines. This results in fans getting curious about their star’s personal life more closely. Today, in this article we will be sharing the current relationship and dating history of Baby Ariel-The (now TikTok) Star.

    She is famous for her notable works as a vlogger, singer and social media celebrity. Ariel Rebecca Martin aka Baby Ariel has become a social media star with 10.8 million Instagram followers. In 2018, Times Magazine declared her as one of the most impactful personalities on the internet. Currently, she boasts 34.5 million followers on TikTok. In 2020, she was a part of a Disney film ‘Zombies 2’ playing the character of Wynter and reprised her role in its third installment in 2022. Let’s know more about her.

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    Meet TikTok Star Baby Ariel

    Baby Ariel

    Baby Ariel, 21-year-old, American social media influencer who is famous as Star. Her real name is Ariel Rebecca Martin. She was born on November 22, Wednesday in 2000. Her birthplace is Florida and according to sources. On her official social media handle, she has over 25 million fans following. Not only on just but she is famous on Instagram, YouTube and YouNow.

    She started using, the Chinese social media service in 2015. Baby Ariel Did not plan about being a social influencer. For her, it just happened that has gained love from netizens. She started making videos because of boredom in her life but gained a fan following. In the year 2016, she won the first-ever Teen Choice award for Choice Muser. Baby Ariel also worked in collaboration with a YouTube channel, named-Our Journey Along With Loren Beech, Brennen Taylor, Nick Bean, Weston Koury, Zach Clayton, and Mario Selman. She has green eyes and is blonde. Her brother, King Jacob is also a star. According to sources, her mother manages her social media accounts. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius because she is a November baby.

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    Current Relationship Status

    Baby Ariel and Milo Murphy

    As of now, Baby Ariel is dating Milo Murphy. He is her fellow and also a social media influencer. The two are dating each other for over a year. The two always feature in each other’s works. And shows love for each other pretty well. According to available sources, she had relationships as well. Baby Ariel dated three times in her past but beyond that, she did not indulge with anyone wrongly. Clearly, she is unmarried and has no kids.

    Who Was Baby Ariel Boyfriend?

    Baby Ariel, Black Gray, Zach Clayton

    Although Baby Ariel is dating her fellow and have a boyfriend currently but she did have one in past. The star is very secretive as she tries to keep her personal life private. Not just personal but also love life private just like other celebrities. Her previous relationship lasted for one year. From 2015 till the mid of 2016, she and her fellow and muser Blake Gray dated. It was Gray who announce their split on Twitter. He stated he need some time to think about who he really is. He decided to be just friends with her There were many rumors about her romantic relations with another person as well in her life but as you know, rumors are not always true! She has also dated Zach Clayton.

    Zach is her fellow YouTuber, singer and rapper. The two dated in 2016 but left each other in the month of July the same year. At the age of 19, they dated and released a statement as well after the split. She announced that We( the couple), wanted to let you know all fans that Zach and I love each other. But it is getting for us to stay together because of so many distances, hectic schedules, and tours, she said. She concluded that it will best if they stayed friends.

    Then after some time, she dated Daniel Skye. The two collaborated on the Say It musical video. During this video, they liked sharing time and chemistry. Fans assumed that the two were dating quickly. In 2018, during a YouTube video, a fan questioned they are being together. As they were responding about it that are they together or not, Video cut to black.

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