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    ‘Toxic’ Andrew Tate Banned From TikTok: His Most Controversial Statements

    The popularity of Andrew Tate has surged over the past month, with doubts lingering over who he is and what are the controversies that he has recently been involved in. This 35-year-old self-proclaimed sexist has been banned from several social media websites. With millions of followers on different sites, the former kickboxing professional is sending over dangerous messages to society.

    With success in his kickboxing career and business, Andrew Tate‘s major followers are men from the age of 13 and above, which went up to 4.7 million followers on Instagram and about 2,85,000 on YouTube. According to NBC News, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram has him banned from their platforms for violating the company’s policies on dangerous organizations and individuals.

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    Andrew Tate And His Treatment Of Women

    Andrew Tate
    Andrew Tate

    Toxic masculinity and women are mainly the subjects that Andrew Tate dealt with and caused quite a stir. The extreme comments that he made are some of the lessons that he applied in his own life. This involves his treatment of women as mere property and his advice for men to chase women of 18 or 19, so as to make it easy to create an impression. One of his videos also involved his description of assaulting a woman who accused him of cheating. These videos and podcasts that he put out glorify masculinity and equate women to nothingness. He also received backlash in 2017, during the MeToo movement, with his tweet that urged that women should “bear some responsibility” for the sexually assaulted and abused.

    One of his controversial comments on gender equality is, “I don’t think the world has ever been equal. The modern society we live in has been built by men….and I think now if you look at the roles of the society I believe men are still doing their job. But I don’t know if women are doing their job. Men are still out here building the modern world, but when they come home now the girl’s like ‘oh why should I cook for you?‘ ” 

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    Tate’s Explanation On Objectifying Women

    Andrew Tate
    Andrew Tate

    The millionaire also has his takes on business, class, and conduct. In one of his videos, he talked about why he lives in Romania. He addressed the corruption in the country and how easy it is to buy off cops and other enforcement officials. Thus ensuring the smooth run of his business.

    Despite all this, women still continue to be his main victims. He blames women for being sexist troupes and compares the feminine to dogs and children, as women tend to disobey. The popular view it’s high time that Tate disregarded his patriarchal viewpoints and took on understanding the autonomy and agency that women have over their lives.

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