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    Barry Keoghan Proves He’s The Biggest Sabrina Carpenter Fan As He Supports Her On Coachella

    You might be a huge Sabrina Carpenter fan but you can’t possibly beat Barry Keoghan fanboying over girlfriend Sabrina as she takes the stage at Coachella to perform some of her best songs and also a special performance of her latest single called ‘Espresso’, which was possibly written for Keoghan.

    Keoghan, dressed in a white Versace vest and beating the heat with a brown plaid capris, was seen supporting his girlfriend, taking pictures and videos of her as she performed.

    At one point, she even sent a flirty wave his way as the Saltburn actor blushed.

    The two have been linked for quite some time, as they have been seen on dates together. Recently, Keoghan supported Sabrina on the Eras Tour, where she opened for Taylor Swift.

    Moreover, Barry makes sure to keep speculations rising as he drops in flirty comments under Carpenter’s posts. Speculations have also arisen that she wrote her latest single ‘Espresso‘ for Keoghan.

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    Sabrina Carpenter’s Coachella Performance

    Sabrina Carpenter performing at Coachella
    Sabrina Carpenter performing at Coachella

    Ever since she opened for Taylor Swift, Sabrina has been thriving in her musical career as she has been featured in major brand campaigns, released a hit single, and is now performing at Coachella.

    For night 1, Carpenter played all her hit songs for the crowd, in an elaborate set and backup dancers. She performed ‘Nonsense‘, ‘Feather’ and ‘Because I Liked A Boy’ among others, including a debut performance of her single ‘Espresso‘.

    Her act ended up becoming one of the most talked about performances of the night as fans trended #sabchella on social media, following her performance.

    The pop star also wrote a custom outro for the performance.

    She is, in fact in her pop star era.

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