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    Bella Ramsey Comes Out As Gender Fluid. What Does It Mean?

    While doing the press rounds for her upcoming HBO series ‘The Last of Us,’ Bella Ramsey has spoken about more than just her role. The 19-year-old British actor got into the details of her personal life, revealing herself as gender-fluid.

    Speaking to the ‘New York Times’ during the press for ‘The Last Of Us,’ Bella Ramsey openly talked about how she doesn’t believe in the conventional construction of gender, revealing the first time she came across the realization she might not come under the veneer of her described gender. We find out more about her conversation about being gender-fluid and what it means.

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    Who Is ‘The Last of Us’ Actor Bella Ramsey?

    Bella Ramsey In ‘The Last Of Us’

    Bella Ramsey was born in Nottingham, England, on September 30, 2003. She started acting at the age of four before coming to the world’s attention with her part in the epic fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones.’

    Ramsey played Lyanna Mormont, the lionhearted leader of her house. As Lyanna, she went toe-to-toe with the most prominent actors and outperformed many of his much more senior co-stars.

    Before playing Ellie in ‘The Last Of Us,’ she starred in Lena Dunham’s film adaptation of the young adult novel ‘Catherine Called Birdy’ for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. Also a quality singer, she composed, wrote, and sang the song ‘The Life of Hilda‘ for the Netflix animated show ‘Hilda’ in which she also stars.

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    What Did Bella Ramsey Say About Being Gender Fluid? What Does It Mean?

    Bella Ramsey Portrays Ellie From The Video Game ‘The Last Of Us’

    Speaking earnestly about the role of gender in concerning her personal identity, Bella Ramsey told New York Times that “I guess my gender has always been very fluid. Someone would call me ‘she’ or ‘her’ and I wouldn’t think about it. But I knew that if someone called me ‘he,’ it was a bit exciting.”

    By being gender fluid, Ramsey doesn’t have to subscribe to being either male or female. Clearly, Bella doesn’t consider the matter of pronouns if she gets to be herself.

    Ramsey said she would check “nonbinary” if it’s an option on a form. “I’m very much just a person,” she added. “Being gendered isn’t something that I particularly like, but in terms of pronouns, I really couldn’t care less.” She is also thankful for her inclusion in the non-gender-specific category for ‘Catherine Called Birdy.’

    According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, being non-binary refers to identifying exclusively as male or female or not identifying with any gender. What and how a person chooses to recognize itself doesn’t come under rigid labels under this term.

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