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    Benny Blanco Booked A Theatre, Made Onsite Snacks With “Nacho Machine And Deep Fryer” On Valentine’s Day With Selena Gomez

    Benny Blanco is the man of Selena Gomez‘s dreams and he keeps proving it time and again. The music producer started dating Selena a few months back and the couple has since been consistently making it to the headlines with their romance.

    While Selena Gomez never shies away from sharing some steamy pictures of herself and her beau Blanco, the music producer too, is often seen pampering the singer is his own charming ways. Some of his recent posts have made it clear that the song maker has a knack for cooking and he happily feeds his woman with her favorite, home cooked meals quite often. He had made another similar gesture, and has gone above and beyond with it this time.

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    Benny Blanco Reveals Yet Another Incident When He Went Out Of His Way For His Love Selena Gomez

    Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez
    Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez

    Benny Blanco recently revealed the lengths he can go to to make his beau Selena Gomez happy, while speaking on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday. While their love is no secret especially from their social media fans, the two never leave a chance to make each other’s lives better.

    Blanco was speaking about the couple’s first anniversary which is around the same time as Selena’s birthday, on July 22. As he spoke about the plans he has for the big day, he recalled what he did on the Valentine’s day in February this year.

    The Valentine’s day that went by was the first one that the couple celebrated together, and there’s no way Blanco would have let the day go bland. He revealed that he rented the entire theatre for the two so they could have some alone time.

    “I want to do something that she loves,” Blanco said during the interview. “She loves movies, so I rented out a movie theater. And she loves a comfortable couch, so I took out the seats and we put like a huge couch in the front.”

    I was like, ‘What are all her favorite foods?'” he said. “I spoke with her grandma, I spoke with her mom, her best friend and this is what I came up with,” the music producer added, revealing how he made tons of homemade snacks for the date.

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    Here’s What Benny Blanco’s Home-Made Snacks Menu For Their Valentine’s Day Date Included

    Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez
    Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez

    To give his beau the best Valentine’s Day ever, Benny prepared some onsite items from Taco Bell, Hot Cheetos and “movie theater nachos“, that he “brought a deep fryer” to make from scratch at the theatre.

    “I brought in a nacho machine, and then we watched — you know, her favorite movie growing up was Almost Famous, so we watched Almost Famous, we ate the f—ing nachos and that’s what she loves,” he said. “She’s, like, the easiest,” Blanco added.

    The show host was as impressed from the story as most of his fans would be. “You’re knocking it out of the park,” the host said. “I see love here. I’m predicting marriage,” he added.

    Benny Blanco, who has time and again proved his unapologetic love for Gomez, agreed with the host. “You and me both,” the music producer responded.

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