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    Beyoncé Drops New Single ‘Break My Soul’ And Fans Want To Quit Their Jobs

    Beyoncé is back! The Queen is gearing up for the release of her seventh solo studio album ‘Renaissance’. It is expected to be an instant hit with amazing dance tracks. It is co-produced by the ‘Single Ladies‘ team of Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. But, before the release of the album, Beyoncé surprised her fans with a single titled ‘Break My Soul’.

    The song was delivered three hours before the announced release time and fans’ reaction to it is everything. They hailed it as the great resignation anthem and flooded social media with “Beyoncé is telling me to quit my job” memes.

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    The Lyrics Of Beyoncé‘s ‘Break My Soul’ Decoded

    Beyonce sixth album is on its way
    Beyonce’s seventh album is on its way

    The lyrics of the song ‘Break My Soul‘ are, “Release your anger, release your mind/ Release your job, release the time/ Release your trade, release the stress/ Release the love, forget the rest.” The writing credits go to Jay-Z, Adam Pigott, Freddie Ross, and the writers of Robin S’s 1993 hit ‘Show Me Love‘ which is prominently sampled in the song.

    While Bey is intended to deliver a message with both her return and the disco theme of the song, the title is about declaring “You won’t break my soul,” loud and clear.

    It’s filled with lines like “Motivation/ I’m looking for a new foundation/ I’m on that new vibration/ I’m building my own foundation.” Beyoncé further sings, “I’m gonna find new drive/ damn, they work me so damn hard/ Work by nine, then off past five/And they work my nerves, that’s why I cannot sleep at night,” adding “I just quit my job.” To this, fans started wondering about the anti-work anthem.

    Twitter Jokes About Quitting Jobs After Beyoncé Releases ‘Break My Soul’

    The early release of Beyoncé’s lead single sent Twitter into a frenzy. Her fans all across the globe had different takes on her music. Many shared reactions about the “quitting job” verse of the song. One person wrote, “Is she telling us to quit our jobs?? Because I will, Beyoncé, I will!”

    About The Album ‘Renaissance

    Queen Bey
    Queen Bey

    Beyoncé announced early Thursday that the long-expected album will be arriving on July 29. It will feature both dance and country-leaning tracks, with contributions from hit songwriter Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote her 2008 hit ‘Halo‘ as well as hits for Adele, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Bros. and his own group, OneRepublic.

    The album will contain 16 tracks reportedly. It is a multi-part release, which became clear from the fact that it is being billed as “Act 1”. The singer had already sounded the alarm that something was coming earlier this month when she wiped her social media accounts, and now we know it’s time for ‘Renaissance’.

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