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    Big Brother’s Bayleigh Dayton Is Expecting A Baby With ‘Swaggy C’ Williams

    Big Brother contestants Bayleigh Dayton and ‘Swaggy C’ Williams are expecting a child together. The couple had to go through the trauma of Bayleigh’s miscarriage back in 2018. After four years of the tragic incident, the couple is once again ready to become parents.

    “My Birthday Gift Is Extra Special This Year”: Bayleigh Dayton On Being Pregnant

    Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C Williams will become parents
    Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C Williams to become parents

    The romance between Williams and Dayton commenced when they appeared on Season 20 of the reality TV show, ‘Big Brother’. The former Miss Missouri recorded a video in which she addressed the miscarriage she suffered in 2018. She said, “I would’ve been ecstatic if I were to have a baby. It would’ve been a blessing. We were both really excited when we found out. We were both really, really upset when we found out we lost it.”

    The couple got hitched after the unfortunate event. But now, Bayleigh is expecting a child with her husband Swaggy C Williams. She took to Instagram and wrote, “My Birthday Gift this year is extra special. Being a mom is all I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember. I used to dream of being a wife and a mother & now I am living those dreams.” 

    She also addressed her first pregnancy in the post, “My first pregnancy didn’t happen the way that I had dreamt it. It was an unplanned and sudden surprise, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant that baby was the only thing that mattered to me at all. When I lost it, I was devastated. I never really recovered from the loss. I just didn’t feel like I could do anything right.

    The ‘Big Brother’ star also extended condolences to the mass shootings at the elementary school in Texas. She wrote, “Today feels a little heavy to post about my joy of bringing life into this world, considering the mourning families who we just witnessed losing their babies so violently. And, for me to say that I haven’t been worried about bringing a baby into this insanely terrifying place would be a lie.”

    Dayton also expressed gratitude towards her loving husband Williams who “came to her in the middle of a storm & loved her at her worst.” The Challenge: Total Madness star also conveyed the news of their baby on social media. He wrote, “To have a baby coming in general … is a blessing. But to have a baby with my favorite person in the universe? It makes it even better.”

    Williams showered love on the birthday girl by writing, “To Bay, I’m so blessed to have a kid with you. I love how open we are, how much we communicate, and everything we’ve been through. … Happy Birthday to you.” He added, “To our baby, we’re going to give you the WORLD. Everything I do is for YOU! You will have the best life ever, I swear. THE BEST LIFE EVER!!!! We’ll see you in a few weeks Cheers to our baby I love you forever!”

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