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    ‘Bridgerton’ Star Jessica Madsen Declares Her “Loud And Proud” Love For A Woman In Pride Month Post

    The Pride month has officially started and Hollywood is not holding back from celebrating its queerness. One among the many stars coming forward boldly with their sexuality is Jessica Madsen, popular as Cressida Cowper in ‘Bridgerton‘.

    Madsen is embracing the start of Pride Month with a heartfelt Instagram post celebrating her identity and love life. Madsen took to Instagram to share a colorful post as the pride month kicks off. Here’s what she said.

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    Jessica Madsen Is “Loud And Proud” Of Her Sexuality In Her Pride Month Social Media Post

    Still from 'Bridgerton'
    Still from ‘Bridgerton’

    Bridgerton‘ star Jessica Madsen took to Instagram on June 1 to share an artwork celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, with a historical photo from a march following the historic Stonewall Riots. She also posted a selfie, with her donning a tie-dyed T-shirt, rainbow rhinestones, and a bucket hat reading “LOVE SUPREME.”

    Madsen proudly declared in her caption that she belongs to the queer community and is proud of her sexual identity. “I am in love with a woman, loud about it and proud about it!” she wrote, adding hashtags like #pride, #pridemonth, #loveislove, and #gaypride. Her ‘Bridgerton‘ co-stars also showed their support for her in the comments.

    Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington on the show, shared heart emojis. Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony Bridgerton, also posted a series of loving emojis in the comments section.

    Hannah Dodd, who plays Francesca Bridgerton. also showed her support with a “Love youuuuuu,” comment, posted with a yellow heart emoji. Joanna Bobin aka Lady Cowper also joined the tribe, along with Julia Quinn, the author of the original ‘Bridgerton‘ series.

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    Jessica Madsen Is Openly Bisexual

    Still from 'Bridgerton'
    Still from ‘Bridgerton’

    This is not the first time that Jessica Madsen has been open about her sexuality. In June 2023, she posted on Instagram about bisexuality with graphics reading “Bisexuals are not ‘confused‘” and “bi af“. She also captioned it with a punny line, stating, “Bi the way…. Happy Pride month,” with a rainbow and heart emoji.

    In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Madsen also opened up about the strong reactions to her ‘Bridgerton‘ character Cressida. She said she received several messages like, “Thank you for letting me hate you so much,” to which she responded jokingly, “You’re welcome.”

    Madsen said she finds satisfaction in these reactions, asserting that it’s proof that she has performed her role well. Madsen also hinted at developments for her character in season 3, as she stated that there will be “twists and turns” that reveal Cressida’s more human side.

    The mask is falling off Cressida. She’s becoming a human being… every mean girl has something beneath her,” Madsen said, adding that she personally doesn’t view Cressida as a mean girl despite the popular opinion.

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