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    Will ‘Bridgerton Season 4’ Be About Francesca Bridgerton? What Happens To Her In The Books?

    BridgertonSeason 3 has just premiered on 16 May and fans cannot keep calm. With two episodes, the Shondaland Productions show already has raving reviews. And amidst that fans are already speculating about season 4. 

    It seems that season 4 might all be about Francesca Bridgerton. The pretty little girl is now a grown woman ready to make her debut in the next season. And there are plenty of instances in season 3 that point to Francesca becoming the lead next season.

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    ‘Bridgerton’ Hints At Francesca Bridgerton As The Next Lead 

    Francesca Bridgerton
    Francesca Bridgerton

    It is not uncommon that the previous season gives us hints on who the lead couple will be next season in Bridgerton. We got many instances in season one which set Anthony Bridgerton to be the lead next season and in season 2 which set Colin Bridgerton for the next season. 

    Similarly, it seems with just two episodes, season 3 is already hinting at Francesca to be the lead in the next season. Hannah Dodd is the new face for Francesca Bridgerton in season 3 since Ruby Stokes left in the last season. With Hannah Dodd completely devoted to her role as Francesca, it seems the showrunners are excited to bring her to the front. We also see that she was given a lot of attention, especially since her debut was made the center of focus in the two episodes. And most importantly John has already been introduced. 

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    How Season 3 Sets Up Francesca’s Love Story For Season 4

    Francesca in 'Bridgerton season 3'
    Francesca in ‘Bridgerton season 3’

    Well, it seems since season 3 of Bridgerton will be having two halves, fans are sure that one part of it will be about laying the groundwork for Francesca’s love story with John. And the first two episodes of part one hint towards it. 

    According to the books, John’s introduction fits the storyline perfectly for Francesca’s full story to unfurl. So it can be expected that we may get to see Francesca and John’s marriage in season 3 itself. John’s death and then the introduction of Michael will be the main story of season 4. All fingers point to Francesca being the lead in Bridgerton season 4’ so let’s hope for the best. 

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