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    ‘Celebrity Book Club’: Is Reading Trending? Book Tuber Jack Edwards Opens Up About BookTube

    BookTube is one of the most following trends on YouTube now. Jack Edwards is the one ruling it, with more than a million subscribers. He has a track record of reading more than 100 books every year. He even read 365 books in a year. Yes, he reads, and he also has one of the most interesting lives.

    Edwards said in an interview that he fell in love with reading by tricking himself into thinking it was a fun little internet thing. He is also trending on TikTok, posting short videos of his thoughts on books that he read. His videos went viral when he read books recommended by celebrities on his YouTube channel. We could even say that he started a trend on BookTube. Now, reading is trending!

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    Jack Edwards On BookTok

    Jack Edwards

    Jack Edwards said that his first gateway was BookTok. He says that it “is currently such a powerful organic marketing engine that it has been credited with literally changing the publishing industry. I started seeing the same books recommended in dozens of different videos and was immediately intimidated by how far behind I felt for not having heard of Evelyn Hugo.”

    “BookTok is a superpowered engine of discovery, stacked with recommendations and niche references, and I used it to build up a TBR (or “to be read”) list on Goodreads, a social network for reading. If you asked me who my favorite BookTokers are, I honestly couldn’t tell you because their videos aren’t long enough for me to form an attachment to them.”

    Jack About Reading And BookTube

    Jack Edwards

    Jack said that BookTok helped him to get his hands on the hot new thing immediately, so that he could understand the online discourse. However, he noted that if he is in need of more information, he would head to BookTube, where YouTubers discuss books. “Some say BookTube is past its prime, but it’s just a different beast where viewers care more about what specific creators say,” said Edwards.

    “BookTubers do deeper dives into plot and book nuances. One of my favorite genres is the monthly wrap-up video, in which creators talk about all the books they read that month, usually the hot new books with some old favorites.” Edwards however, took a different turn and read the books celebrities have been photographed carrying it around.

    Bookstagram Is The Trend

    Jack Edwards

    Bookstagram is what that started the trend of aesthetics, dark academia and just reading itself as a trend. Thousands of people who love to read, take aesthetic pictures of the books they read and post it on Instagram and caption their thoughts on the books. This is how Bookstagram started and now it has become the major trend setter. It’s also the means through which a lot of publishing houses decide who gets to read the hot new books for free. For example, Random House has an influencer program; to apply for it, you’ll need at least 1,500 followers, an achievable goal for a micro influencer.

    Edwards noted that reading as a trend began probably after the “that girl” trend. “True readers will find me to be a chaotic and unlikable protagonist myself. The thing that finally got me to read, after all of this book curating across the internet, was the promise of an aesthetic. TikTok’s “that girl” trend has effectively tricked people into getting their lives together for the promise of being able to appear on social media as someone who has their life together; similarly, I started reading so I could be seen as a reader. And now I can’t stop.”

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    Trisha Gayathri G
    Trisha Gayathri G
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