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    Charles Leclerc Says He Wants Timothée Chalamet To Portray Him In A Potential Biopic

    Timothée Chalamet is the talk of the town right now for portraying iconic roles like Willy Wonka, Bob Dylan’s biopic ‘A Complete Unknown and also his box office hit ‘Dune’. Another gentleman who has conquered the hearts of especially the female population across the globe is Formula One racer Charles Leclerc.

    Imagine if the fame of these two popular men is combined! Lecrec himself has suggested something of the sort while talking about a potential biopic made about his life. He has indicated that he would like Timothée Chalamet to play him in a biopic.

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    Charles Leclerc Wants Timothée Chalamet To Play His Character

    Charles Leclerc and Timothée Chalamet

    Timothée Chalamet is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, with many rooting for him as the next big name to conquer the industry. With the diverse roles he has done in a variety of films, Chalamet has a bright future ahead of him.

    Similarly, Charles Leclerc is has also risen to stardom in the past few months both for his racing skills as well as his looks. With fans hoping to see more of the racer, a little kid recently asked him who he would like to portray him if a film on his life was made.

    A video posted on social media shows the boy asking Charles, “If anyone could play you in the movie, who would they?” Even though Charles seems to be in a hurry, he takes a few seconds to respond to the question. “Timothée Chalamet,” he says without a prolonged thought.

    It seems like he has already thought it through. And yes, we agree! Timothée Chalamet, with his talent and his looks, definitely seems like an actor who would do justice to Leclerc’s character on screen.

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    Fans React To The Prospect Of Timothée Chalamet Playing Charles Leclerc


    Fans of both Timothée Chalamet and Charles Leclerc are highly excited over the prospect of the two coming together for a potential film. After the video was posted on social media, many took to the comments section to express their excitement over the possibility.

    However, some people were also not quite sure about Chalamet doing justice to Leclerc’s character. Here are some tweets from fans reacting to the idea.

    Dome fans suggested that there are several other actors like Dave Franco and Paul Arthritis who would do better justice to Leclerc’s character in a potential film. Well, it was just a suggestion from Charles and the chances of a movie like that happening soon are quite feeble. Though Timothée’s name could be a great start to sorting down a few names for the potential role.

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