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    Christian Bale Reveals How Taylor Swift Became A Part Of ‘Amsterdam’

    Christian Bale is an actor known to get inside the skin of a character. The 48-year-old English actor has played all kinds of parts from a magician, to a superhero and a politician. He is also the recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

    The ‘Batman Begins‘ actor has now made his foray into film production with David O. Russell’s period dark comedy ‘Amsterdam.’ Bale talked about the film, in which he stars also, and how Taylor Swift became a part of it. Let’s find out more about what Bale unveiled.

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    Christian Bale Talks About ‘Amsterdam’

    Cast of ‘Amsterdam’

    Bale has been acting in Hollywood for the past 25 years and now he has made his foray into production as well. His first production venture is the period mystery comedy ‘Amsterdam.’

    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘Vice‘ actor talked about working with Taylor Swift. “That was a real nice surprise, and I actually didn’t tell anybody about that until afterwards“, he said. He continued, “I went to my daughter and said, “You know who I sang with today? Taylor Swift.” And she was like, “Wait, what? Why would you be doing that?

    Bale then said how Swift became a part of the film. He said he and John would practice a song but their “pitch was all over the place” That is when David intervened. “And then all of a sudden, David just goes, “How about Christian and J.D. just shut up for this one and let Taylor do it?” He said it was “phenomenal” to have Taylor singing next to them.

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    Bale Talks About Producing Films

    Christian Bale
    Christian Bale

    In the same interview, Bale said how he never wanted to produce films as he didn’t want to “sit in offices, have meetings around big tables and look at spreadsheets.” However, something changed his mind.

    One essential thing was that a few times, on other films, I discovered that the directors were perhaps forced to make choices that maybe they didn’t want to make“, he said.

    He further added, “So I found out after the fact, and I always said, “Why didn’t you come to me? I could have helped you.” And then I realized, “Well, if I was a producer, they could have [come to me].” So I always wanted that. It’s first and foremost to be a support to the director’s vision.”

    Apart from ‘Amsterdam‘, Bale is also producing the gothic horror film ‘The Pale Blue Eye‘ directed by Scott Cooper. It is slated for limited theatrical release on December 23 before streaming on Netflix on January 6 next year.

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