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    Dave Chappelle Faces Criticism For Controversial Anti-Trans Jokes At John Mulaney’s Show

    Dave hits the news again with his hurting jokes! Some guests were surprised when Dave Chappelle began the show with an anti-trans and anti-gay joke. Dave made a surprise entry with a fifteen-minute standup on Friday night in Ohio. At the venue, the fans were expecting and looking forward to seeing John Mulaney’s stand-up act. The audience got so disheartened that they turned to social media to voice their displeasure with Chappelle.

    Dave Chappelle is quite infamous for making fun of the LGBTQ community. The thing that the fans found shocking was Mulaney providing Chappelle another platform to disparage an already disenfranchised group. Because phones and recording devices were disallowed during the event, numerous guests turned to Twitter after the concert to express their anger. Criticizm

    Dave Chappelle And Mulaney Have Called A Huge Trouble Upon Themselves

    At the end of the surprise first act, Mulaney then made his appearance on the stage and hugged Chappelle. After the concert, a lot of fans vented their disgust on Twitter. In fact, Mulaney became a Twitter trending topic the next day as a consequence of the surprise act by Chappelle. The entire issue brought in several comedians to react to the issue at hand. Dave has recently faced assault on stage at a comedy event in Los Angeles. Based on the same, he made a joke about his attacker’s weapon’s gender identity. Chappelle’s stand-ups have recently focused on jokes regarding the transgender population. The comedian originally gained traction for anti-trans jokes in Netflix specials including “Sticks and Stones” and “The Closer” in 2019.

    In fact, for disparaging remarks regarding trans women, The Closer show by Netflix received backlash from organizations including GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition.

    Mulaney Hits The Wrong Chord By Letting Dave Take The First 15 Minutes

    Stand-up gone wrong again for Dave Chapelle
    Stand-up went wrong again for Dave Chapelle

    After being accosted while performing at a ‘Netflix is a Joke’ event earlier this month, Chappelle sparked more controversy. He garnered criticism when he joked that his attacker was a trans guy. In fact, he backed rapper DaBaby and J.K. Rowling earlier for their anti-trans sentiments. Mulaney’s comedy material is typically uncontroversial, in contrast to Chappelle’s controversial and disparaging words. Also, John avoids political and social concerns in his stand-up. Rather than focusing on self-deprecating comedy, he talks about tales from his personal life and his problems with alcoholism and addiction.

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