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    Did Hailey Bieber Just Reveal The Gender Of Her Child? Fans Think She Did

    Ever since Hailey and Justin Bieber announced their pregnancy, the stars have been basking in the glory of their upcoming parenthood. Sources revealed that the two are quite excited about being parents to their firstborn. The news was especially delightful as it came amid rumors of tensions between the two celebrities and a severe marital discord.

    Since they announced the pregnancy, the Bieber couple has looked significantly joyous. Hailey Bieber has been frequently giving her fans updates on her pregnancy months through social media, while Justin too has been sharing snapshots of his wife showing off her baby bump. One of these updates, fans believe, was a subtle hint from Hailey about the gender of her child.

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    Hailey Bieber Seemingly Drops Subtle Hints About The Gender And Name Of Her Child

    Hailey Bieber
    Hailey Bieber

    Hailey Bieber appears to be hinting that she and her husband Justin Bieber might be expecting a baby girl — or so the fans believe. Social media was rife with the speculation that Hailey shared a picture in her recent Instagram photo dump on Friday which is indicative of the baby’s sex and possible name.

    Captioned “little cherry blossoms on my nails little cherry blossom in my belly,” the post led to a wave of comments on Hailey Bieber’s account. In the post, she posted a number of photos seemingly taken in Tokyo. One of the pictures showed Hailey’s pink floral manicure as she sipped what looked like hot tea. Her oval diamond engagement ring was also visible in the photo.

    The series also included pictures of Hailey’s growing baby bump, some Japanese cuisine, some artwork, and a selfie with her beau Justin. Another picture showed Hailey wearing her Rhode peptide lip treatment and a strawberry-shaped pimple patch on her forehead.

    Kendall Jenner also took to the comments section to enquire about the cute pimple patch. “r these rhode pimple patches or am i tripping?” she commented.

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    Fans Gush Over The Potential Gender Reveal Of Hailey And Justin Bieber’s Baby

    Justin and Hailey Bieber
    Justin and Hailey Bieber

    Social media users, however, were solely focused at the possible hidden message in Hailey’s post. Many flooded the post’s comments section with questions about the baby’s gender. “IS IT A GIRL?!,” one user commented.  Another one followed with “itsss a girl????????,”  with a third one prompting, “OMG DOES THIS MEAN IT’S A GIRL.”

    Some others seemed convinced. “baby bieber is a girl,” a fan commented with celebratory emojis. “it’s a girl,” another one quipped, with a third one adding, “ITS A GIIRRRRL.”

    Some other fans also thought that the post subtly unveiled the child’s name. “Is it a girl…are you going to name her blossom? Or a flower name?” a fan commented, while another one added, “Blossom Bieber sounding way too good!

    Hailey and Justin announced they are expecting their first child earlier this month through a shared Instagram post. Sources claim the Rhode founder is already in her third trimester, and that the couple has already chosen a name they deem “perfect.”

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