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    Justin Bieber’s Tearful Selfies Prompt Fan Speculation About His Marriage With Hailey Bieber

    Justin Bieber has sparked fans’ concern as the pop star posted rare snaps of himself in tears on his social media. Bieber posted a series of pictures of himself in tears on social media without any context or captions. The pictures were part of a photo dump that also included snaps of him smiling and singing.

    Among many others who reacted to it, Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber quipped a response, as fans speculate if the pictures have anything to do with rumors of the couple separating. Here’s what she said.

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    Fans React To Justin Bieber Posting Himself Teary-Eyed

    Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber

    Fans started getting concerned after Justin Bieber shared pictures of himself crying on social media. While many speculated that it might be another silly post of his, others pointed out that it might have to do something with the rumors of his separation from Hailey Bieber.

    Fans quickly flooded social media with condolences and concerns for the ‘Sorry‘ singer with concerns and queries. “why u crying tho,” a social media user commented. “I hope you are doing okay, i hate to see tears running down your face,” another said.

    Justin what happened bro why are u crying,” a third one chimed in. Some also lauded the singer for having the courage to be vulnerable in front of the world. “I love that you’re not afraid to show your vulnerability and emotions. It’s always great to remember that behind every single celebrities, there’s still a human being. YOU ARE LOVED,” a fan wrote in the comments.

    Bieber’s snaps come shortly after Hailey Bieber’s dad Stephen Baldwin recently made statements urging everyone to pray for the couple who are reportedly going through distress. This was followed by a private outburst by Hailey Bieber who was upset with her father’s public statement about her relationship.

    Hailey also responded under Justin Bieber’s post, writing an unconcerned, sweet reply, calling him a “pretty crier“. Fans were quick to point out how her response lacked sympathy, aligning with recent reports of her deciding to leave him for his ‘childish behaviour’.

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    Is Hailey Bieber And Justin Bieber’s Marriage Doing Well?

    Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber
    Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber

    Ever since Hailey Bieber’s father Stephen Baldwin prompted rumors about the couple struggling with their marriage, fans have been feeding off of the speculation about their marriage being over. Multiple sources cited that Hailey has been unhappy with the marriage and has decided to call it off, while others maintained that the couple is doing well as ever.

    Married in 2018, Hailey and Justin haven’t really had an unproblematic marriage. Multiple times they have been accused of having a PR relationship. While on other occasions, they have faced the heat of fans who shipped Bieber with Selena Gomez.

    However, Hailey and Justin have both continued to let fans know that they are doing well in their marriage. The Rhode CEO has time and again squashed multiple blind items and rumors circulating around social media.

    It is unknown why Justin posted snaps of himself crying, but fans have continued to dig up more tea on the couple. Hopefully there’s something.

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