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    Did Jennifer Lopez Send A Cryptic Message Amidst Rumors Of Divorce With Ben Affleck? 

    Celebrity relationships are the messiest and most complicated ones for certain. Hollywood has seen multiple marriages and divorces throughout the years. This time divorce rumors are in the air for singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck. The couple got married in July 2022. However, it seems their marriage is facing some serious problems now. 

    Although neither of them has made any official statements about it, fans cannot help but notice the problems. So will they be getting a divorce soon? Nothing has been officially said yet so let’s hope not. But as all of these rumors are flying around, it seems Jennifer Lopez is sending a cryptic sign.

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    Jennifer Lopez Sent A Cryptic Message Through Her Photo

    Jennifer Lopez 'Atlas' premiere
    Jennifer Lopez at the ‘Atlas’ premiere

    The ‘On the Floor‘ singer is currently on tour for her new film Atlas. However, fans did notice the absence of hubby Ben Affleck in the interviews and press appearances. Jennifer Lopez has avoided speaking about it before in interviews as well. 

    This time, fans think that Lopez might be sending a warning to someone through her picture. The picture in question is JLo posing in front of a billboard reading ‘Don’t F With JLo’. Is this a warning to her husband Ben Affleck or are we reading too much into it? That will remain unanswered. But Ben Affleck’s absence even in Lopez’s movie ‘Atlas’ was quite shocking for fans. 

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    Why Bennifer Is In Trouble?

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

    After a marriage of 2 years will the couple really break up? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage is facing some big problems and fans have caught wind of it too. Reports are that the stars are living separately right now. Although they were spotted wearing wedding rings, inside sources say that there is trouble in paradise. 

    They just have very different approaches when it comes to media attention. Ben hates all attention and it makes him very uncomfortable. Jennifer has always had a different approach,” one insider says. Another source revealed, “After a while it causes tension in the relationship. He is more introspective and private. She likes to open her heart to her fans and to the world. This makes them considerably different, and it has been difficult in the day-to-day relationship.”

    So will the celebrity duo end their marriage because of their different lookouts on fame and differences in style? That is not certain yet as neither have spoken about it publicly yet and even JLo avoided talking on this topic during interviews. 

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