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    Sterling K. Brown Reveals How Ben Affleck Was “A Source Of Quiet Encouragement” To Jennifer Lopez During ‘Atlas’ Shoot

    Sterling K. Brown, co-starring with Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming sci-fi action film Atlas,’ recently shared some interesting tidbits about the filming process. His comments shed light on Lopez’s dedication to her craft.

    Additionally, he talked about the supportive role played by her husband, Ben Affleck. A lot of rumors are circulating about Ben and Jennifer separating. So, this revelation revealed a lot of the couple’s fans.

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    “You Could Tell He Was There For Her”: Sterling K. Brown Praises Ben Affleck’s Support For Jennifer Lopez

    Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Sterling K. Brown
    Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Sterling K. Brown

    Sterling K. Brown mentioned the presence of Ben Affleck on set, not as a co-star, but as a pillar of support for Lopez. “He wasn’t hovering,” Brown clarified, dispelling any notions of on-set drama. “But you could tell he was there for her, a source of quiet encouragement.” A simple gesture, a warm smile exchanged between cuts, according to Brown, were the ways Affleck supported Lopez during filming. 

    This glimpse into their dynamic highlights the importance of a strong support system. Lopez, juggling the pressures of a lead role, clearly found solace in Affleck’s presence. Additionally, Brown’s comments paint a picture of a collaborative set, where respect and support reigned supreme. He spoke fondly of his own working relationship with Lopez, describing their back-and-forth as “comfortable” and “creative.”  

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    Sterling K. Brown Praises Jennifer Lopez’s Commitment To ‘Atlas’

    Sterling K. Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and Simu Liu
    Sterling K. Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and Simu Liu

    Brown spoke about Lopez’s intense focus on the film, praising her work ethic. “The woman is a machine,” he declared. He went on to describe her commitment to perfecting her character, Maya, a brilliant data analyst thrust into a world of espionage. “She’d come prepared every day, knowing her lines, understanding the nuances of the scene,” he explained.  

    Additionally, this dedication wasn’t just for show. Brown revealed that Lopez would often delve deeper into the technical aspects of the film, a quality he found particularly impressive. She’d ask questions about the science behind the story, the logistics of the fight choreography,” he said, a touch of surprise lingering in his tone. “It wasn’t just about delivering lines; she wanted to understand the world Maya inhabited.” 

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