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    Ben Affleck Ditches Wedding Ring Amid Rumors Of Divorce With Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been frequenting the headlines again as rumors of their potential divorce are rife. Reports are suggesting that the couple has yet again hit a rough patch and are likely to get separated as they are already living in different houses. While none of the two stars have confirmed the rumors, Ben Affleck was recently spotted without his wedding ring, which has now fueled the fire.

    The ‘Batman‘ actor was seen for the first time without his wedding ring on Friday while attending a recital at his child’s school. This sighting comes just days after Affleck reportedly moved out of the $60 million marital home he shares with Lopez. Here’s more to the story and what sources said about the marital woes of the star couple.

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    Ben Affleck Seen Without Wedding Ring Amid Rumors Of Divorce With Jennifer Lopez

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

    A few days ago, reports suggested that actor Ben Affleck has moved out of his house and is looking for a new house in Los Angeles, sparking rumors of trouble in lovers’ paradise. Just days after the rumor first gained prominence in the media, the actor was spotted with a bare ring finger as he attended a recital at his child’s school.

    This is the first time that the actor has been seen without his wedding ring, which further concretizes the rumors of trouble in his marriage to Lopez. After the rumors broke out, both Affleck and Lopez were separately spotted wearing their rings.

    As of now, it is not clear whether or not JLo has retained the wedding ring on her finger. When she was last seen on Thursday, she had the ring intact on her finger. Their last public appearance together was on Easter Sunday when they enjoyed a dinner at Cecconi’s restaurant in New York.

    According to the Daily Mail, Lopez and Affleck appeared together on Thursday at the school play for Affleck’s child, Fin. Lopez also attended the event with her daughter, Emme, to support Fin.

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    Sources Claim Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Not Happy To See Each Other

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

    Eyewitnesses present at the school who saw both Affleck and Lopez said that the rift between the couple was quite visible as they did not look happy to see each other there. According to the Daily Mail, Affleck “did not look happy to see JLo as she arrived at a show for one of his kids.”

    When he saw her get out of her car, they did not hug or kiss,” an eyewitness was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. A source close to the couple has contended that despite the issues amongst themselves, they care about their children and that there’s “nothing would have stopped them coming together for the kids” and that “the marriage drama comes second.”

    They are putting on a united front. Jen showed up with Emme to support Fin. Emme’s super attached to Fin, so it’s only natural that Jen, no matter what she’s going through with Ben, was there,” the source said.

    According to Page Six, Affleck has been seen frequently at an apartment in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles over the past week, while Lopez was also seen recently checking out real estate properties.

    As speculation continues, the future of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship remains uncertain.

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