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    “Ain’t Nobody Told Me Nothing”:  Lizzo Clears The Air On Jennifer Lopez’s Claim Of Offering Her A Film

    Who would say no to the great Jennifer Lopez? Well turns out quite a few people except Lizzo. Right after her self-produced and acted musical biography, the ‘Jenny From The Block’ is back to work. The singer’s documentary ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told’ is now available for everyone to watch on Prime Video.

    The ‘On The Floor’ singer’s prime documentary, documents the pop star’s wild journey of making the musical. Now in that little peak into the industry innings, there’s a glimpse of drama that got picked by the fans. It looked like the icon was struggling to get big stars into her film.

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    Lizzo Addresses The Behind The Scenes Drama

    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Prime Vide)
    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Prime Vide)

    The ‘Juice’ singer has been active on TikTok lately and for a good reason. The singer took note of all the headlines claiming that she refused to participate in Lopez’s musical and decided to end the man-made feud. 

    In J.Lo’s documentary, ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told,’ there’s a scene where her team stated that Lizzo was unavailable to star in her film. The pop queen didn’t sit on the false facts spreading as she said in her TikTok, “Ain’t nobody told me nothing. Nobody asked me. J. Lo, I love you.”

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    The Struggle Of Getting A-Listers To Star In J.Lo’s Musical

    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Prime Vide)
    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Prime Vide)

    While Lizzo clarifies her absence from the musical masterpiece, she did miss out on a quite interesting character.  Jennifer’s film featured a zodiac council with Jane Fonda, Keke Palmer, Trevor Noah, and others dissecting Lopez’s love life, now who wouldn’t want that?

    The ‘Pink’ singer wasn’t the only star who was reached out by J.Lo’s team and responded negatively. The documentary shows the challenges in securing stars like Taylor Swift, and Jason Momoa as well due to their unavailability. Lopez is seen handling the situation with grace as she says, “I don’t want to force anybody to do this who doesn’t go, ‘This is gonna be fun. Nobody wants to say ‘no’ to me, I get that. When an actor doesn’t like a script or doesn’t think it’s good enough or is worried about it, that’s what they’ll say. I know that, I’ve done it.”

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