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    “I Don’t Want A Relationship On Social Media”: Ben Affleck Reveals A Condition He Put Before Jennifer Lopez, But “Learned To Compromise” With It

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are all over the headlines once again after the release of Lopez’s second documentary ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told‘. Lopez is seemingly on a secret-spilling spree as she immediately released her second documentary months after releasing the first one. ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told‘ comes shortly after the release of ‘This Is Me…Now‘,  which shed light on Lopez’s journey as a pop singer alongside her personal struggles.

    Going a notch higher, Lopez revealed to the world the aspects of her relationship with Ben Affleck in her second documentary. Though she rekindled her romance with her now husband Affleck in 2021, their relationship has been marred with many obstacles. The documentary has spilled many secrets of their relationship– one of them being their differences over the usage of social media.

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    “I Realized It’s Not A Fair Thing To Ask”: Ben Affleck Opens Up About His Reservations With Social Media

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Credit: Getty)
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Credit: Getty)

    In the recently released documentary ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told‘, Ben Affleck opens up about his reservations about the idea of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez being displayed on social media. Speaking on the Amazon Prime documentary, the 51-year-old actor explains that he had made his stance amply clear to Lopez when they reconciled.

    Getting back together, I said, ‘Listen, one of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media,’” the actor and director recalls as he speaks in the documentary. “Then I sort of realized it’s not a fair thing to ask. It’s sort of like, you’re gonna marry a boat captain and you go, ‘Well, I don’t like the water,’” he adds.

    Though he has initial concerns about this apsect of their relationship, the couple seemingly made their way around it and made their relationship work. The two got engaged in April 2022, followed by a spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas in July — and Affleck seems to have made peace with his wife’s affiliation to social media. “We’re just two people with different kinds of approaches trying to learn to compromise,” he says in the documentary.

    Throughout their renewed romance, Lopez has shared glimpses of their life together on her Instagram account with over 253 million followers. On her part, she is wll aware of Affleck’s discomfort with the public spotlight — particularly as the muse of her new album ‘This Is Me…Now’ and its accompanying visual film This Is Me…Now: A Love Story’.

    I don’t think [Ben] is very comfortable with me doing all of this,” she says in the documentary. “But he loves me, he knows I’m an artist, and he’s gonna support me in every way he can because he knows you can’t stop me from making the music I made… he doesn’t want to stop me. But that doesn’t mean he’s comfortable being the muse,” she adds.

    The Greatest Love Story Never Told’ is directed by Jason Bergh, and is streaming on Amazon Prime. Along with the stars, it features interviews with people from Lopez’s inner circle, producing partners, and longtime collaborators.

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    Jennifer Lopez Reveals The Inspiration Behind The Name Of Her Documentary ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told’

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Credit: Getty)
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Credit: Getty)

    In the documentary, Lopez also reveals a sweet gesture Affleck made during their first Christmas back together. He gifted her a book with every letter and email they’d ever exchanged over two decades. The book was titled ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told‘.

    And then there is the person who inspired this for me, who has inspired me my whole life. He just, he inspired an album 20 years ago and I know he hates that I’m doing this right now,” Lopez says.

    He’s just like, ‘Please shut up.’ No! And I say no. I say, I love you and thank you for believing in me and helping me believe in myself,” she says. “And helping me to grow every single day. Thank you for the family that we’ve created and our children and everything that you do for me.”

    You will never know what it is to be able to share this lifetime and have you be my love. Thank you,” Lopez concludes.

    Ben shares the same sentiments. “I feel like I have true love in my life, and when I lens that up, being at their house and being in intimate spaces with them over a couple of months, it just seemed like they’re very, very very much true love… It was just really lovely to see how solid and supportive they were of each other. It inspired me in my marriage, even,” he says.

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