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    “He Wants Out”: Ben Affleck’s Animated, Heated Exchange With Jennifer Lopez At Her Biopic’s Premiere Sparks Internet Frenzy

    Red carpets and movie premieres are all a key part of Tinseltown’s glittering shadow which demands keeping appearances. While onto a good start, the troubled couple of Hollywood, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez stumbled a little into the special evening.  

    The recent premiere of JLo’s biopic, ‘This Is Me … Now‘, wasn’t just glitz and glamor. The screening of her life gave a glimpse into her personal life quite literary. The premiere’s behind-the-scenes footage also left fans and onlookers wondering about the married couple’s heated exchange.

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    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Heated Conversation

    Ben Affleck's and Jennifer Lopez at premier of 'This is me..Now'
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of ‘This is me.. Now’

    As the power couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, graced the Dolby Theater for the later’s project premiere, initial impressions painted the picture of Hollywood perfection. However, as the night blended into a darker shade the glamor started to fall off.

    A viral clip caught the couple of the night in a seemingly intense conversation. The heated exchange took place in the lobby where Affleck’s hand movements started the debate on the internet. Was it frustration? Excitement? Or maybe just an animated exchange? We won’t know until either of the participants decide to comment on it.

    The date night might not have been successful the movie on the other hand is raking in good reviews. People have enjoyed the detailed insight into popstar JLo’s life. The star herself got emotional talking about the making of ‘This Is Me … Now: A Love Story’. 

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    Does Ben Affleck Want To End His Marriage To Jennifer Lopez?

    Jennifer Lopez at premier of 'This is me..Now'
    Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of ‘This is me..Now’

    After watching the viral video the exchange the digital realm exploded with opinions. Online commentators weighed in on the matter with their diverse perspectives. Some speculated on the nature of Affleck’s hand gestures while some declared the couple’s marriage deceased.

    One user found the lark in the miserable expression of the clip saying, “feel like this is just how he talks. probably explaining how their chef screwed up his sandwich.” Another came to Affleck’s defense saying, “He’s not upset that’s how some people communicate with there hands dang u guys just want them to fail.” One fan stated his opinion plainly, “He wants out” while another joked, “He ain’t dunkin no donut that night,”. 

    The exchange could be a marriage-breaking argument or it very well could be a normal conversation about Ben’s wrong-cut sandwich. The internet’s frenzy over it showcased the ever-present scrutiny that accompanies the lives of Hollywood’s A-listers. 

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