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    “Don’t Play With Me”: “Jealous” Jennifer Lopez Warns Ladies Trying To Flirt With Ben Affleck

    The world may know her as ‘Jenny from the block’, but don’t let the nickname fool you—Jennifer Lopez, isn’t playing around when it comes to her man, Ben Affleck. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s love story has been one of the most dramatic ones in the history of Hollywood. Despite its ups and downs, the couple has survived everything and sustained their relationship.

    In a recent appearance on ‘Today With Hoda & Jenna’, Lopez answered some questions as part of the show. In an answer to one of the questions, Jennifer Lopez spilled the tea on her possessive side. She has given a clear message that women eyeing Ben Affleck should keep a hand’s distance from him.

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    Jennifer Lopez Says She Would Ask Ladies Eyeing Ben Affleck “To Step All The Way Off”

    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Getty)
    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Getty)

    Jennifer Lopez was a guest on the ‘Jenny from the block’ when she was playing a game called ‘This Is Me… Now, or Then?’ inspired by her upcoming film. During the game, the singer was faced with a question that delved into the intricacies of her current self.

    When asked if she gets “jealous if someone hits on your significant other,” Lopez responded with a resounding “NOW,” holding up a paddle that said it all. With a warning that could make anyone think twice, Jennifer Lopez cautioned, “Don’t play with me. Do not play with me.”

    It seems the charming affections of the 51-year-old Ben Affleck attract admirers, but Lopez is not having any of it. Pressed further on what she’d do if someone dared to flirt with the heartthrob that happens to be husband, the actress said, “First of all, I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I will let them know in a very elegant and lady-like way to step all the way off.”

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    Jennifer Lopez Has Clarified She Is Possessive About Ben Affleck Before

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Image: Getty)
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Image: Getty)

    This isn’t the first time Lopez has revealed her protective instincts about Affleck. Last November, she told fans to “back up, b**ch” after they swooned over her husband. In a previous interview with Vogue, the star gushed about the positive impact Affleck has had on her self-esteem.

    Ben wants me to understand my worth and know my value,” she explained. “I feel even more relaxed and comfortable.”

    I’m finally at the point in my life where I love every part of myself unapologetically. Every part of me, my body, my voice, my choices, even, like, my mistakes. All of it made me who I am and got me to where I am today,” she added.

    So the ladies have been warned – when it comes to Jennifer Lopez’s love, it’s a hands-off zone. The message is crystal clear—step away from Ben Affleck unless you’re ready to face some rage from Lopez.

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