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    Ben Affleck Branded ‘Self-Centered’ By Nikki Glaser For Bombing At Tom Brady Roast As He Thought It Was Beneath Him To Prepare

    The Tom Brady roast might be over, but the burns keep coming. This time, comedian Nikki Glaser isn’t holding back on Ben Affleck‘s performance. Whether it was calling it a bomb or suggesting that his attitude might be to blame, she did not hold back.

    Ben Affleck’s appearance at the roast was a surprise for many. Fans were excited to see him take the stage and unleash his comedic chops. Unfortunately, things went south.

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    Nikki Glaser On Ben Affleck’s Flop Performance At Tom Brady Roast

    Ben Affleck and Nikki Glaser
    Ben Affleck and Nikki Glaser

    While fans were excited about Ben’s appearance things did not go his way. Jokes fell flat, the energy fizzled, it was simply awkward. Comedian Nikki Glaser, who delivered a well-received set herself, wasn’t shy about sharing her thoughts. In a recent interview with Today, Glaser did not hold back.

    I haven’t watched it back because I don’t like to watch people bomb,” she admitted. Additionally, she went on to suggest that Affleck’s lackluster performance stemmed from a sense of entitlement. “He’s someone who’s famous enough that he probably thinks that this is beneath him to do this, so he’s like, ‘I’m just gonna do a favor. It’s not going to be that big of a deal,” she said.  

    Being funny in front of a crowd full of celebrities is no walk in the park. However, according to Glaser, Affleck might not have taken the preparation seriously enough. Additionally, she speculated that he might have skipped working with writers or just phoned it in during rehearsals. Either way, the result was a performance that left the audience let’s just say ‘wanting more’. 

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    Why Ben Affleck’s Roast Fell Flat

    Ben Affleck
    Ben Affleck

    Nikki Glaser’s comments may be harsh, but they do raise an important point.  Even A-list celebrities with comedic experience can falter if they underestimate the roast format.  These events require razor-sharp wit, meticulous preparation, and the ability to handle a live audience. Walking in with the attitude of “it’s not a big deal” is a recipe for disaster

    According to reports, his jokes lacked originality, relying on tired Hollywood tropes and recycled material. Additionally, people expected him to dig deep and unearth some Brady-specific gems. However, instead, they got generic Hollywood roasts that could have been aimed at any A-lister. 

    On top of that, his delivery seemed flat and uninspired. Affleck appeared to be going through the motions, and the audience saw right through it. Maybe if he’d taken the time to personalize his jokes and actually rehearse his delivery, things could have been different.

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