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    Donald Trump’s Conviction Is Bringing His Family Closer Despite The “Chilly And Tense” Relationship Between Melania And Ivanka

    Donald Trump has found himself quite under fire right ahead of the presidential election after his recent conviction in the hush money trial. But what may prove to be a huge damage to his political image is helping him repair his family problems. Reports suggest that the judgment has brought his family closer together.

    Donald Trump’s current wife Melania and daughter Ivanka have had a dented relationship for a long time. But the two leading ladies in his life are reportedly coming together to support him after the legal blow. Here’s what the reports suggest.

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    Donald Trump’s Family Has Been Brough “Closer Together Than Ever” After His Conviction

    Ivanka and Melania Trump
    Ivanka and Melania Trump

    The two most important women in Donald Trump’s life — his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka Trump — have never quite shared a peaceful relationship. Their relationship has been described as “chilly and tense” at times, But the former President’s recent conviction in the hush money case seems to have thawed the bond between the two.

    According to sources cited by Page Six, all of Trump’s children and their significant others are rallying around the former president because of his recent legal troubles.“The case has brought the entire family closer together than they have ever been,” the source was quoted as saying.

    This includes a thaw in the sometimes chilly and tense relationship between Melania and Ivanka. The entire family including all Trump’s children, and their [significant others, including Don Jr.’s fiancee] Kimberly Guilfoyle are all circling the wagons,” the source added.

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    Donald Trump’s Conviction Also Helped Him Raise Funds Rapidly

    Ivanka and Melania Trump with Donald Trump
    Ivanka and Melania Trump with Donald Trump

    This newfound unity among Donald Trump’s family members is a significant shift in their family dynamics as there have been widespread tensions between Melania and Ivanka in the past. While neither of the two women nor Trump himself have commented on the verdict, reports suggest that the hard times have brought his family closer.

    Trump was pronounced guilty by the New York jury’s verdict on Thursday for all 34 charges related to illegally influencing the 2016 election through hush money payments to a porn actor. Trump’s sentencing is scheduled for July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention.

    The timing of this verdict has some political implications. However, the guilty verdict has seemingly worked in Trump’s favor in some respects. Other than bringing his family together, the verdict has also given a significant boost to his fundraising efforts as his campaign announced a staggering $141 million raised in May.

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