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    “It’s Time To Make Movies Political Again”: ‘The Apprentice’ Director Ali Abbasi Fires Back At Donald Trump Campaign’s Threat To Sue His Film

    The Apprentice‘ is one of the many films that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Based on former President Donald Trump‘s life story, the film was predicted to be a controversial one even before its release. Its recent premiere at the Cannes Film Festival proved the speculation true, as the movie has created controversies for several reasons.

    Directed by Ali Abbasi, ‘The Apprentice‘ aims to tell the story of a controversial yet glamorous life that Donald Trump has led. It also brings to light many negative aspects of his life. While some viewers were quick to respond, the Trump campaign has threatened to sue over his movie. But the director seemingly has a fitting response to the threats.

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    Director Ali Abbasi Has A Fitting Response To Donald Trump Campaign’s Threat

    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    Director Ali Abbasi’s ‘The Apprentice‘ got mixed reactions at the Cannes Film Festival premiere. While it also achieved a standing ovation for 8 minutes straight, many objected to the scenes of sexual assault and other distasteful scenes in the film. With the presidential elections just around the corner, the film is also being deemed a part of propaganda by many.

    Amid all the frenzy, Donald Trump’s campaign went a step ahead and threatened to sue the film. However, Ali Abbasi has maintained his demeanor as he pointed out the film’s intentions, highlighting Trump’s frequent, yet often unsuccessful, history of litigation.

    Everybody talks about him suing a lot of people — they don’t talk about his success rate though, you know?” Abbasi said. He also extended an invitation to Trump to watch the movie together and discuss its content. “I don’t necessarily think this is a movie he would dislike. I don’t necessarily think he would like it. I think he would be surprised,” he said.

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    Director Ali Abbasi Asserts The Need For Political Films

    Sebastian Stan as young Donald Trump
    Sebastian Stan as young Donald Trump

    However, the director did not stop at that. Ali Abbasi jokingly suggested that he would schedule the release date for the film around the U.S. elections. He also teased that the second debate, scheduled for September 15, would be a fitting time for the film’s release. “We have a promotional event coming up called U.S. Election that is going to help us with the movie,” he joked.

    Despite the provocative nature of the film, it received an eight-minute standing ovation at its Cannes premiere. In an impassioned speech, Abbasi said that he film is his way of emphasizing the need for politically relevant films. “There is no nice metaphorical way to deal with fascism. It’s time to make movies relevant. It’s time to make movies political again.”

    Meanwhile, the Trump campaign’s chief spokesperson, Steven Cheung issued a strong statement to Variety after the film’s release. In the statement, he labeled it as “pure fiction” and also accused Hollywood elites of election interference. “We will be filing a lawsuit to address the blatantly false assertions from these pretend filmmakers,” Cheung declared.

    The Apprentice’ stars Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump and Jeremy Strong as his lawyer and mentor Roy Cohn. Fans are now curious to see what the future holds for the bold film.

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