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    Donald Trump’s Forceful Sex Scene With Ex-Wife Ivana In ‘The Apprentice’ Sparks Controversy After Cannes Premiere

    Former President Donald Trump is arguably one of the most controversial figures in the world today. While his controversies range from his political discourse to his illegal involvements in several cases, his life story surely makes a fitting tale for the screens.

    It’s no surprise that Ali Abbasi’s controversial film based on Trump’s life ‘The Apprentice’ has stirred the pot at its Cannes premiere. The controversy stems from a particularly disturbing scene where Donald Trump’s character is seen involved in a sexual crime. Here’s what all the frenzy is about.

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    Why Has ‘The Apprentice’ Stirred The Pot At Cannes?

    Ivana and Donald Trump
    Ivana and Donald Trump

    The Apprentice‘ was one among the many films premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Based on Donald Trump’s life, the film stars Sebastian Stan in the lead role. In principle, the film tries to depict some controversial events from Trump’s life, one of which involves the sexual assault of his ex-wife Ivana, played by Maria Bakalova.

    The scene in question begins with Ivana playfully presenting Trump with a book on the female orgasm, but the interaction quickly turns dark. Trump gets brutally honest about his lack of attraction to Ivana. He then pushes her to the ground and tries to have forceful, nonconsensual sex with her. While sneeringly swearing at her, the former president has forceful sex with his wife in the film.

    Many audience members has condemned the scene as “gross” and similar to “rape“. Sources with the knowledge of the film had claimed before its release that the scene was meant to be consensual but uncomfortable. However, many are deeming the scene inappropriate and in bad taste for Trump’s image, especially ahead of the Presidential elections due in November this year.

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    Release Of ‘The Apprentice’ Ahead Of Presidential Elections Draws Skepticism

    Sebastian Stan as young Donald Trump
    Sebastian Stan as young Donald Trump

    The Apprentice‘ tries to tell the story of Donald Trump’s rise from an insecure real estate hopeful in the 1970s to a confident mogul by the mid-1980s. It also brings into focus his key meetings with figures like Roy Cohn, played by Jeremy Strong, and his wife Ivana, that further changed the course of his life.

    The film begins with a disclaimer, clarifying that some names and details in the film have been altered to mitigate legal risks though it is largely based on true events.

    However, the “rape” scene in not the only scene that did not go well with the viewers. The film shows Trump’s character getting involved in other questionable behaviors, such as taking amphetamines, undergoing cosmetic surgeries, and showing a lack of loyalty to Cohn during his battle with AIDS.

    Given its provocative content, the film is being looked at as a polarizing topic by many, especially as it coincides with the 2024 presidential election season.

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