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    Donald Trump Is Unfazed By Jeffrey Epstein Documents, Is More Focused On Primary Races

    The Jeffrey Epstein scandal has once again gained prominence after the list of high-profile names involved in the scandal was recently revealed. Among the many shocking names that made it to the list was former President Donald Trump‘s.

    And while Trump is known for constantly finding himself mired in controversies — either for his statements or for his actions — the Epstein issue is more serious than any other. Yet the Republican leader seems unfazed.

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    Source Claims Donald Trump “Doesn’t Care” About Epstein Documents

    Donald Trump (Image: Getty)

    Reports suggest that though the Epstein case has stirred Hollywood in the past few days, Former President Donald Trump is not affected. He is instead more focused on the upcoming New Hampshire primary according to a source cited by Page Six.

    The court documents naming the celebrities involved with late financier Epstein and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell, mention Trump’s name. While there has never been evidence of any wrongdoing by Trump, the newly released papers include names of people in Epstein and Maxwell’s circle, including victims, friends, and staff

    Some other prominent names mentioned in the documents include Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Cate Blanchett, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Naomi Campbell, as the accused. However, none of them have given any statement after the development.

    The Page Six source said that Trump is not particularly concerned about the new documents. “Trump doesn’t care. There’s nothing new or bad [in the new files]” the source said, adding that he has other priorities at the moment. Trump is currently focused on an upcoming primary, where his campaign is reportedly keeping an eye on Republican Nikki Haley.

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    Donald Trump Was Seen With Epstein Several Times But Cut Off Ties After His Arrest

    Donald Trump and Prince Andrew (Image: Getty)

    Trump and Epstein have been in the public eye as friends since 1987. According to the report, Trump flew on Epstein’s private jet, known as the Lolita Express, multiple times. However, Trump has notably distanced himself from Epstein after the financier’s arrest in 2019.

    Adding another twist to the case, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein, claimed that Jeffrey had incendiary information about both Trump and the Clintons. However, the specifics of this information remain unknown.

    As the case moves forward, more documents including depositions and legal motions related to Epstein are expected to be released. So far, none of the named associates, including Michael Jackson, David Copperfield, Stephen Hawking, Ehud Barak, Kevin Spacey, Bruce Willis, and George Lucas, have been accused of any wrongdoings though their names appear in the documents.

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