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    Jeffrey Epstein’s Unsealed Document Reveal Causes Site Crash

    Jeffrey Epstein became one of the biggest scandals in history due to the heinous crimes that he was involved in. Though the financier died, he left a problematic legacy behind him. Epstein was accused of trafficking, and the lid on the crimes led to a complex nexus of a bigger network, involving some of the biggest and most powerful names, including Prince Andrew.

    Recently, reports started swirling that the court would unseal documents that would name the people involved and connected to the Jeffrey Epstein case. While people awaited the list, the court revealed the names in the case, and names such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and others have emerged from the 900-page document. However, the release of the list caused a site crash as many people tried to get their hands on the names involved in the biggest scandal of the century.

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    CourtListener Site Crashed The Moment Jeffrey Epstein’s Court Documents Made Public

    Jeffrey Epstein's document reveal causes CourtListener getting crashed
    Jeffrey Epstein’s document reveal causes CourtListener getting crashed

    Since the beginning of the millennium, Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes have been in the headlines.

    It all started when the parents of a 14-year-old girl complained to the police in Florida that he molested their daughter at Epstein’s Palm Beach house.

    The police’s investigation found many pictures of girls throughout the house. It launched an investigation into the most scandalous high-profile cases in the US.

    Even before the conviction took place, Jeffrey Epstein ended his life in prison in 2019 before he was convicted for charges in Florida and New York. After 5 years, New York Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release of the identities of Does.

    It is released as an epilogue to Virginia Guiffre’s case against Ghislaine Maxwell. Her lawyer, Sigrid McCawley, wrote in a letter to Preska, “The filing of these documents ordered unsealed will be done on a rolling basis until completed.”

    The first phase of rolling out the unsealed documents happened recently. During the rollout, the website CourtListener, which is managed by the Free Law Project, crashed. It became accessible and displayed a message, saying, “This usually happens when we are doing maintenance or our server is overloaded.”

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    What Do The Unsealed Records Entail?

    The newly unsealed documents reveal nothing major other than some new information about Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump
    The newly unsealed documents reveal nothing major other than some new information about Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump

    Jeffrey Epstein’s document release has been one of the anticipated events of 2024. However, after the release, nothing new or a new name has emerged from the unsealed documents.

    The names of Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton have come up in the new documents. The documents involved the names that came up in the Virginia Guiffre and Ghislaine Maxwell case, which was dismissed in 2017.

    Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers tried to plead to keep the names of people a secret. But the plea was rejected in 2022. In 2021, Glislaine was convicted of five counts of sex trafficking of girls and grooming of minor girls. Virginia also accused Prince Andrew, a close friend of Jeffrey, of sexual assault when she was 17. The case was settled outside the court.

    Bill Clinton’s name was reported to emerge in the documents. One of the accusers, Johanna Sjoberg, in a deposition, was asked if Epstein talked about Clinton. Sjoberg said, “He said one time that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls.” Bill Clinton’s representatives have refuted any connection between the former president and Epstein’s cases.

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