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    Dwayne Johnson Booed At San Diego Comic-Con For His Controversial Superman Statement

    Dwayne Johnson never misses a chance to hype up his role of Black Adam quite enthusiastically and proudly. The 50-year-old wrestler turned actor appeared at San Diego Comic-Con for the Warner Bros. Panel.

    One of the hot topics for DC fans was whether Henry Cavill would make an appearance on the panel, which would confirm his role as Superman. Much to the fans’ disappointment, Cavill was nowhere to be seen. When Dwayne was questioned about ‘Black Adam vs. Superman,’ the actor’s answer was quick to hint that Cavill may not sport the red cape anymore.

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    Fans Boo Dwayne Johnson For His Diplomatic Answer

    Will Henry Cavill Return As Superman?
    Will Henry Cavill Return As Superman?

    Answering the Superman vs. Black Adam, Dwayne replied, “That’s a great question… don’t threaten me with a good time, cause I’m going to answer that question. Well, I will say, as you guys know, because we’re all in deep with this mythology, and it’s been an age-old question of who would win a fight between Black Adam and Superman. Pound for pound, they’re pretty close. I guess it probably all depends on who is playing Superman; I’m just going to say that. I’ll leave it at that.”

    The words, “I guess it probably all depends on who is playing Superman,” wildly suggested that the role of Superman is open and Cavill will not be continuing the role. As a reaction, the crowd booed at Dwayne Johnson’s response.

    Henry Cavill Or Not, Superman Is Definitely Coming Sooner Than We Anticipated

    What will Black Adam vs. Superman look like?
    Black Adam vs. Superman

    Dwayne Johnson’s response might have called ‘boos’ but Superman is coming to the DCEU! The Rock has been previously engaged in a talk on the ‘hierarchy of power’ in the DCEU.

    Talking with IGN, the actor said, “The one who sits at the top of the DC Universe is Superman. The one who is scratching at his back is Black Adam.IGN further asked whether this dynamic would continue after the movie as well, to which Dwayne’s response was, “I think so. That’s the fun part about the movies that we can make and being in the realm of DC and bringing life to a character who pound for pound is very close to Superman.”

    He also explained how the dynamics of Superman and Black Adam will be face to face on the screen, and what new elements can the fans expect, “And I always do like reminding people is that Superman has two weaknesses: Kryptonite and magic. Black Adam, one of his anchoring powers is magic. Now, there are a lot of other elements involved, but I will tell you that that has been one of the most gratifying parts about making Black Adam. And I’m right there with all the fans — what if? What if this happened? What if this guy met this guy? Or what if this guy met this woman? What if?”

    ‘Black Adam’ will hit the theatres on October 21, 2022.

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