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    Dwayne Johnson To Allegedly Receive Unbelievably High Payment For His Next Film Despite His Career Going Through A Declining Phase

    Dwayne Johnson has stepped up his game in Hollywood with some very strong roles. His role in the ‘Fast And Furious’ franchise is loved by many. Johnson even became a part of the DCEU with ‘Black Adam‘. 

    However, his next film is reportedly going to be his most paid film so far. Johnson will be making the highest he has ever made in his career. Let’s take a look at the ‘Jumanji‘ star’s upcoming movie and how much he will be paid for it.

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    What Is Dwayne Johnson’s Upcoming Movie?

    Dwayne Johnson in 'Red One'
    Dwayne Johnson in ‘Red One’

    Dwayne Johnson has worked in several movies in Hollywood. He solidified his place in the entertainment industry with his roles. He has also received numerous awards and nominations and has a big fan following. 

    However, he has never been paid as much as he’s getting for his upcoming movie. Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movie is ‘Red One’. And can you guess how much the actor will be paid for his role? Well, it is a whopping $50 million. 

    This is not only Johnson’s biggest pay. But also the biggest payday an actor has ever received for a single role. Johnson will be playing the lead role as Callum Drift, the Commander of the E.L.F in the upcoming action-adventure Christmas film.

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    Why Is The Rock Getting Paid So Much For ‘Red One’?

    Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans in 'Red One'
    Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans in ‘Red One’

    ‘Red One’ is a massive project and a joint-venture production between Seven Bucks Productions, Amazon Studios, Amazon Prime Original Films, The Detective Agency, and Chris Morgan Productions. The movie has Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans in the leading roles. So you can imagine the budget of the movie. 

    Moreover, negotiations about salaries started a long time back, much before Dwyane Johnson’s ‘Black Adam‘ had such a big box-office flop. So despite the fact that the Rock has not been able to give a lot of hits recently, he might have received the salary quite early. 

    And also the Rock is one of the most prized actors in Hollywood. With over 40 movies to his name, the Rock has made a big name for himself. He not only has an impressive career as an actor but is a well-established figure in the wrestling world as well. 

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