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    Emilia Clarke To Play Oscar Wilde’s Wife In ‘An Ideal Wife’. Who Was She?

    Game of Thrones‘ and ‘Secret Invasion‘ actress Emilia Clarke has been cast as the leading character in Sophie Hyde’s ‘An Ideal Wife‘. Clarke will be playing a real-life character this time, so brace yourself to see her without dragons in the film. She will be playing the wife of the well-known author Oscar Wilde.

    The film will revolve around Constance Lloyd and her marriage to the controversial man, Wilde. Let’s get to know all about the titular character.

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    Who Is Constance Lloyd?

    Constance Mary Wilde was an Irish author born on 2 January 1858 in Harewood Square, Marylebone, London. She was the daughter of Horace Lloyd and Adelaide Barbara Atkinson. Constance married Oscar Wilde on 29 May 1884 in a small ceremony at St James’s Church, Paddington. The couple had two sons – Cyril and Vyvyan.

    Constance passed away on 7 April 1898, mere five days after her surgery. She died at the age of 40 while living in exile in Genoa, Italy. The family was living with Oscar Wilde ever since his imprisonment for homosexual acts in 1895.

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    Emilia Clarke To Show Llyod’s Marriage With Oscar Wilde

    In 1891, Constance found out about her husband’s homosexual relationship, although it’s not clear at what point the truth got out. However, Lloyd met Wilde’s lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, when he brought him to their home for a visit. The author was already spending a lot of time outside his house by then and their marriage was falling apart.

    Despite everything, their children had a pretty happy childhood and his son Vyvyan also mentioned it in his autobiography. Wilde was then convicted and imprisoned. Constance changed her and her son’s last name to Holland and moved away. However, the two never got divorced but they never saw each other again.

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