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    What Are Wild Dragons In ‘House Of The Dragon’ And How Many Are There?

    House of the Dragon‘ serves as a prequel and is set around 200 years before the events of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones.’ Just like its parent show, HOTD also has dragons as one of its most important characters. Almost all the Targaryens control and ride these huge fire breathers.

    One of the new breeds of dragons in the show is called wild dragons. They are much more powerful than the normal ones but are very few in number. Let’s find out what they are and how many of them live in Westeros.

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    What Are Wild Dragons In ‘House Of The Dragon’?

    Vhagar in House of Dragon
    Vhagar in House of Dragon

    In the final episode of the HBO fantasy series, Daemon Targaryen mentions the “three wild dragons.” While he doesn’t mention their names, it’s obvious that they are going to be a big part of the war.

    There are three wild dragons in the show; they are the Cannibal, Sheep Stealer, and Grey Ghost. Daemon mentions them to Rhaenyra as he tries to convince her to use the dragons in her arsenal against Aegon II and the Hightowers.

    Sheepstealer, as the name gives it away, steals and eats sheep. Grey Ghost was gray-white and was known to fly across the sea to steal fish. He got the name because of his ability to blend in with the mists.

    Cannibal is the oldest and most dangerous wild dragon of them all. Cannibal got the name because he ate baby dragons, dragon eggs, and deceased dragons. He was never ridden and killed anyone who tried to ride him.

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    Did Any Dragon Survive The Targaryen Civil War?

    Life span of the dragons
    Dragons in ‘House of the Dragon’

    House Targaryen is known for its control over the dragons. They used them during the civil war also known as the dance of the dragons.

    During the war, both the Blacks and the Greens used firebreathers to kill more people on their enemy’s side. After the war, only four of them were left: Cannibal, Sheepstealer, Silverwing, and Morning.

    Out of four, the first three dragons were born before the war. Morning was the only one to be hatched during the war and was too small to be taken to the battlefield.

    It led to the extinction of the dragons from the world before Daenerys Targaryen brought them back nearly 200 years later. A lack of dragons severely weakened the House Targaryens.

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