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    Emma Stone Reveals “Total Garbage” Career Advice She Received As An Up-And-Coming Actress

    The road to stardom is a somewhat complicated one. Therefore, you need someone who believes in you. But that wasn’t Emma Stone‘s experience starting out. The ‘Poor Things’ actress recently revealed the sexist career advice she received during the early phase of her career. 

    Emma Stone has defied Hollywood’s expectations of a woman past a certain age. The 32-year-old actress has won an Oscar for her ‘La La Land.’ She’s generating awards buzz for her performance in Yorgos Lathimos’ ‘Poor Things.’

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    Emma Stone On The Horrible Career Advice Given To Her Early On

    The 35-year-old actress continues to make waves with her incredible range of performances
    The 35-year-old actress continues to make waves with her incredible range of performances

    Unlike the sexist movie executive, Emma Stone is looking after the future generations of actresses. While being honored with the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the 2024 Palm Springs International Film Awards, the ‘La La Land’ actress revealed the “total garbage” advice given to her as a teenager. She was told that a man’s career is a marathon and not a sprint. But the vice versa was true for women in the entertainment industry. 

    Emma Stone continues to inspire us all with a career that keeps giving. Now 35, she believes “life and work only get more interesting and more.” Eternally thankful for her stardom, she hopes to “take swings and to try new things and to keep this marathon going.”

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    ‘La La Land’ Actress Grabs Dual Golden Globes Nomination

    A still from 'Poor Things'
    A still from ‘Poor Things’

    2024 could easily be the year of Emma Stone. The 32-year-old actress has been a constant presence with memorable performances on both television and movies. She’s nominated for multiple Best Actress Golden Globes for ‘Poor Things’ and ‘The Curse.’ 

    Emma Stone plays Bella Baxter in ‘Poor Things,’ which she calls the most favorite character she’s played. The Oscar-winning actress told EFE she loved playing the character, saying, “she has no shame or prejudice, she’s so open-minded and is so interested in every aspect of life.” ‘Poor Things’ is currently playing in theatres.

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