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    Euphoria Star Dominic Fike Confesses That He Dreams About Amber Heard Seductively Beating Him Up

    Ever since the 2018 op-ed by Amber Heard, there’s been a prolonged legal battle going on between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Finally, the whole issue came to an end this Friday with the closing arguments in Virginia. Many celebs have made their comments on the trial. One of them was Dominic Fike the star of “Euphoria” who played the character of Elliot. He is also a singer and songwriter along with being an actor. Looks like he has soft spot for Amber Heard.

    “I Think Amber Heard Is Hot, Man” Says Dominic Fike

    Dominic Fike
    Dominic Fike

    The 26-year-old singer took the stage at North Western University last week. He expressed some of his thoughts about the 36-year-old, Amber Heard. According to him, he fantasizes about Heard and even dreams about her beating him up.

    “Yo, I’m just gonna come straight out and say it. I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna be real with y’all. I think Amber Heard is hot, man,” he said. This ended up in him getting a lot of booing from the audience.

    When he saw the audience didn’t really like his confession he defended himself. He said, “I know, I know, it’s not a popular opinion and it’s not the focus at the moment. But I’ve been having these visions of her. She’s beating me up. I think it’s hot.” But the audience didn’t take it really well. The singer’s confession angered the audience present at the university. Jonny Depp supporters are currently very much against Fike after he commented on stage.

    Dominic Fike’s Confession Angered Depp Supporters

    Dominic Fike
    Dominic Fike

    The confession of the singer on stage was recorded and shared on Twitter. The caption of the tweet reads, “Dominic Fike describes fantasizing about being abused by Amber Heard at a recent show: “I’m gonna be real with y’all. I actually think Amber Heard is hot… But I’ve been having these visions of her [where] she’s beating me up. I think it’s hot.”

    The tweet went viral and Fike received a lot of backlash from Depp’s supporters. His honest confession was not taken lightly by the fans. Fans are angry and are pretty much hating him for his bold moves.

    Dominic Fike was not the first person to comment on the ongoing trial. Many actors like Winona Ryder, Paul Bettany, and Penélope Cruz spoke for Depp. While actors Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Fox spoke in the favour of Amber Heard.

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