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    “Get Used To It”: Bella Ramsey Fires Back At Criticism Over The LGBTQ Scenes In ‘The Last Of Us’

    Bella Ramsey plays the headstrong Ellie on the HBO series ‘The Last Of Us‘. She’s as tough in real life as she is on screen. The British actor is not bothered by the backlash over the presentation of the LGBTQ storylines on the HBO show. Instead, she spoke honestly about the audience’s reception to the gender representation and how it didn’t scare her.

    There’s a sect of fans responding negatively to the queer storylines on the show. Bella Ramsey has told these fans to get over themselves and swallow the bitter pill. In her honest opinion, people are missing out on the show. 

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    Bella Ramsey Is Unafraid Of Viewers Criticizing LGBTQ Representation 

    Bella Ramsey as Ellie on the HBO series ‘The Last Of Us’

    Bill and Frank’s tragic yet poetic love story has been the highlight of ‘The Last Of Us.’ However, this LGBTQ representation is only the beginning. The video games have more queer representation, which will feature in the second season of ‘The Last Of Us’.

    Unafraid to go into the gender aspects of the show, Bella Ramsey said, “I know people will think what they want to think. But they’re gonna have to get used to it. If you don’t want to watch the show because it has gay storylines, because it has a trans character, that’s on you, and you’re missing out.

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    The Last Of Us’ Star Bella Ramsey Opens Up About Being Gendered

    Bella Ramsey for ‘British GQ

    When she came of age, Bella Ramsey was addressed as a “young woman”. She has come out as gender fluid and identifies as non-binary. She told British GQ how she found the notion of being gendered bothersome. For her, it has been about feeling the characters’ inner strength. 

    This is what bothers me more than pronouns: Being called a ‘young woman’ or a ‘powerful young woman,’ ‘young lady,’ but I’m just not [that],” Catherine Called Birdy, I was in dresses. Young Elizabeth, I was in a corset. And I felt super powerful in that. Playing these more feminine characters is a chance to be something so opposite to myself, and it’s really fun.” said the young actor.

    The fans of the game know Ellie is a lesbian. The show has dropped subtle hints about Ellie’s sexuality. The co-creator of the HBO series ‘The Last Of Us,’ Craig Maizin, has discussed how the further episodes will explore Ellie’s sexual orientation. The idea is not to get too caught up with her sexuality but to look further into her humanity.

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