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    Gracie Hunt Net Worth: Chiefs Heiress’ Wealth, Career And Family

    In the sporty world of the NFL, Gracie Hunt isn’t just another name, she’s the heiress to a football empire. Born on March 29, 1999, in Dallas, Texas, this 24-year-old sensation is not merely riding on her family’s legacy but creating waves of her own.

    Hunt family is what you can call a founding family of America’s favorite game. Gracie’s grandfather Lamar Hunt was a member of the founding committee of the American Football League in 1959. 

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    Gracie Hunt’s Career And Net Worth 

    Gracie Hunt
    Gracie Hunt

    Gracie, the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs’ owner Clark Hunt, isn’t just about touchdowns and showdowns. The young American heiress has a brief stint in modeling where she pocketed $3 million. The model then added a dazzling crown to her resume by winning Miss Kansas USA 2021. Despite the brevity, Gracie’s modeling career still shines, and so does her philanthropy. According to Gracie’s personal website, she heads the nonprofit Breaking Barriers Which works tirelessly to “give people a positive identity and confidence through athletics and living a healthy lifestyle.”

    But that’s not all, Hunt is also the ambassador of the NFL and handles the PR priorities for the Kansas City Chiefs. She is currently doing her masters in Sports Management from the University of Kansas. Gracie also has quite an admirable digital presence on different platforms where she talks about fashion, travel and luxury lifestyle. She also write a blog called ‘Living Gracefully.’

    The Hunt Heiress is the eldest daughter of one of the richest family of the United States and that is reflected in her presents to pop stars. Gracie is a vocal fan of Taylor Swift and just like the rest of the fans she ships the singer with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. Gracie Hunt and her sister gifted the ‘Karma’ singer a $5000 Swarovski purse. 

    Between all the career achievements and family name, Gracie Hunt’s net worth stands at $3 million.

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    All About The Hunt Family 

    Clark Hunt (Image: Getty)
    Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt With His Family And Travis Kelce (Image: Getty)

    Gracie’s family isn’t just your average kin, they’re the powerhouse behind the Kansas City Chiefs. Before Gracie’s grandfather and great-grandfather put the founding blocks of American Football Haroldson Lafayette Hunt earned his fortune in the Oil business. According to the New York Times, he founded the company in 1936 and then became one of the wealthiest men of the time. H.L. Hunt passed away in 1974 with a net worth of $2 – $3 billion which would be somewhere between $11.5 – $17.3 billion in today’s time.

    In current time the Hunt Family’s estimated net worth sits at $24.8 billion giving them a place on the list of wealthiest families of America.

    Gracie Hunt’s father, Clark Hunt is the CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, and her mother, Tavia Shackles is the co-owner of the team. Tavia, a former model has also won the crown of Miss Kansas USA runner-up in 1993 passing on the legacy of glamour to her daughter

    Gracie stands as the eldest among her siblings, with her sister Ava boasting titles in cheerleading and pageantry. The youngest of three Hunt children is the brother Knobel, who like his sister Gracie has a passion for soccer and plays at Southern Methodist University. 

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