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    Does Taylor Swift’s Cat Olivia Benson Have A Net Worth Higher Than Her Boyfriend Travis Kelce?

    Taylor Swift is known for many things, one among those is her love for cats. The pop sensation is a proud mother of three cats and has oftentimes showcased her love for the furry breed on social media as well as in her song videos and interviews.

    It is beyond doubt that Taylor loves her cats very much. But the fortune those cats carry is perhaps something not even Swifties would have pondered over. Bloomberg News recently spilled the beans on the net worth of Taylor Swift’s trio of feline companions – Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button. One of these three cats has a net worth more than Taylor’s boyfriend Travis Kelce!

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    How Rich Is Taylor Swift’s Cat Olivia Benson?

    Taylor Swift and her cat (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift and her cat (Image: Getty)

    A website that keeps a keen eye on the net values of pets across the world,, has crowned Taylor’s cat Olivia as the “third richest pet in the world.” Among the three cats Taylor owns, Olivia has made notable appearances in Swift’s music videos, sipped Diet Coke with her in glamorous ads, and has even gotten her own line of merchandise launched.

    Named after the ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit‘ heroine, Olivia became a sensation after her debut in Swift’s 2014 ‘Blank Space‘ music video.  The cat also later landed a job as a shoe model for Keds and shared the spotlight with Swift in a DirectTV commercial in 2018 along with sister cat Meredith Grey.

    Swift also launched a merchandise line dedicated to Olivia and Meredith in 2014, with everything from stickers to earrings featuring them. Country Living reported that Compare the Market valued Olivia’s net worth above $90 million by August of that year.

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    What Is Olivia Benson’s Net Worth?

    Taylor Swift and her cat (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift and her cat (Image: Getty)

    While official compensation details for Olivia’s various gigs remain unclear, based its estimation on Instagram fame, analyzing followers, likes, and engagement rates. Despite the lack of a precise financial breakdown, Olivia’s endeavors far exceed the average pet’s allowance.

    In the wild world of Hollywood animal talent, rates can reach up to $1200 a day. However, Olivia, with her A-list status, is far from an average cat. In essence, Olivia’s wealth isn’t just because she’s a pampered pet — it’s because her mother Taylor Swift is a chart-topping music sensation considered one of the most powerful people in America at the moment.

    Olivia thus seemingly has her paws dipped in several revenue streams, which brings us to the approximate net worth she carries. Her net worth is estimated at a jaw-dropping $97 million, which surpasses that of Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce who is worth $40 million dollars.

    While Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce earn their keep through music and sports, Olivia’s bankroll skyrockets by merely being herself – or the fabulous Scottish fold version of herself.

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