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    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jesse Williams’ Nude Footage From Broadway Debut Gets Leaked Online

    And the rules have been broken again. The incident happened during Broadway’s show, ‘Take Me Out‘. A random audience member stole images and shared a video warning they would see all the nudes of Jesse Williams.

    The full-frontal film, which went viral on Monday, was shot during a shower scene in the play. The scene follows a gay professional baseball player as he deals with coming out to his teammates and the press. Last month the show premiered on Broadway. Surprisingly, the video was released on the same day that Williams was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play.

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    The Leak Beyond Control: Jesse Williams’ Naked Videos Out

    The video was released on the same day that Williams was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play. According to the 2nd Stage Theater, all audience members were expected to store their phones and smart gadgets in a sealed Yondr case before the play. This was to be done in order to demonstrate respect and support for their actors. And also, establish a phone-free environment.

    Only by placing the case on an unlocked tab in the lobby can it be reopened. The films were initially shared on the NSFW site, and fans responded fast on Twitter, with some praising the sly photographer for the leak and others proposing Williams pursue a second career on the pornographic site OnlyFans.

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    Williams Reveals He Asked God To Terrify Him

    Jesse Williams
    Jesse Williams

    Williams reportedly admitted that having his body on display for the exhibition worried him. However, he later stated that this was exactly what he had prayed to God for. He says he requested God to frighten him. Jesse even mentioned that he wanted to do something risky and difficult. He goes on to say that he wanted to pursue something that required him to work for it and that made him feel alive rather than comfortable.

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