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    Halle Berry Says Her Role In Upcoming Horror Film ‘Never Let Go’ Evoked Her Maternal Instincts 

    Halle Berry, the 57-year-old actress with an Oscar win down her charts for her iconic performance in the ‘Monsters Ball’, is coming back with a thrill-packed horrorNever Let Go’ this September.

    In the psychological thriller, the actress steps into the chilling role of a protective mother battling an evil spirit that threatens her family. After the intense role, Berry opened up about the feelings it has awoken in her as a mother. 

    Speaking to ET’s Cassie DiLaura at CinemaCon 2024, Halle Berry opened up about her real-life role as a devoted mom influencing her performance in this intense horror film. She confessed that the film allowed her to take a deeper dive into those protective Mama Bear instincts she’s always had but never put into action. 

    The actress said, “We say as mama bears… ‘I will take a bullet for my kids. I will do anything for my kids. This role gave me an opportunity to really play that scenario out, to really put my life out there for them in a real way.”

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    Halle Berry Adopted Method Acting To Take On The Chilling Role

    Halle Berry
    Halle Berry (Credit: X)

    In the film directed by Alexandre Ajamovie, Halle Berry plays a mother to twin sons tormented by paranormal forces. To play the part to perfection, Berry drew inspiration from her own experience as a mother to daughter Nahla Ariela, 16, and son Maceo-Robert, 10.

    Never Let Go’ follows Berry’s character as she does unthinkable things to ensure the safety of her family. She had admitted that the role was harrowing, pushing her to adopt the less appealing side of the job, method acting.

    The mom of two revealed how she had to skin a squirrel and wondered about her daughter Nahla’s reaction to it. “My daughter would be slightly grossed out and wondering why I would do that to a squirrel,” Berry remarked.

    “My son probably won’t see it. He’s a little scared, like, I don’t know, he might have nightmares. I don’t know if he should see it just yet,” she added.

    Never Let Go’ will hit the theatres on September 27 this year.

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