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    Harry Styles Feels He Dodged A Bullet With The Olivia Wilde Breakup As She Was Pressuring Him Into Things He Didn’t Want

    Harry Styles is a well-known name in Hollywood. He is known for his songs, movies and his big personality. Styles is known for his scandalous relationships as well. From Taylor Swift to Olivia Wilde, Styles is quite the lady’s man. 

    However, recently Harry Styles opened up about his relationship with his ex Olivia Wilde. And the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer is adamant that he will not get back with Wilde. So let’s take a closer look at all the details. 

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    Why Does Harry Styles Feel Like He Dodged A Bullet?

    After the duo broke up, Olivia Wilde was clearly very upset and missed their relationship. However, although Styles is upset that Wilde got hurt, the singer is adamant he will never get back with his ex. 

    So why does the ‘As It Was’ singer feel this way? According to Styles, Olivia Wilde would never take no for an answer. And Styles loves his freedom and has “no interest in turning back the clock.” Although it is known that Styles is not the kind of person to ignore his exes, when it comes to Wilde, he is frustrated. 

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    Wilde Was Obsessed With Living Together And Getting Married

    Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles
    Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

    The couple broke up after dating for two years. Their relationship came to an end because Harry Styles felt trapped and had to do things he did not feel like doing. All because Olivia Wilde would not take no for an answer. 

    Styles even said that Wilde had become “way too intense” for him to take. Wilde would always talk about living together and getting married which Styles did not wish for just yet. Given the fact that Styles is a rising star right now we understand his wish to give more time to his career. 

    A source revealed that Styles “felt crowded” by the end of the relationship because of the constant nudging from Olivia. Styles feels like he “dodged a bullet” and is happy to have his freedom from back. 

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