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    Has Pete Davidson Removed His 4 Tattoos Dedicated To Kim Kardashian?

    The Kardashian family is one such group that never remains out of the spotlight. Kim Kardashian is known for her romantic relationships over the years but it was her marriage to Kanye West that made her famous. However, she was then in a relationship with Pete Davidson for some time and although the relationship did not last long, it is still talked about by the netizens on social media.

    Fans want to know if Pete has removed the four tattoos he got to celebrate his relationship with Kim. Here are the details.

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    Pete Davidson Removed His Kim Kardashian Tattoos

    Pete Davidson

    The relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson proved that moving on is not hard for anyone. But the relationship is still in the limelight as Davidson had a few tattoos of Kardashian on his body.

    The relationship lasted for around 200 days which means there was a lot of time for Davidson to get the tattoos. Pete went on a vacation in January 2023 and while he took off his shirt after coming out of the beach water, it revealed that his tattoos were gone.

    The tattoos included a “My Girl is a Lawyer” on his clavicle followed by “Not Creepy at All”, “KNSCP”, “Kim”, and “Aladdin + Jasmine.”

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    Who Is Pete Davidson Dating Now?

    Davidson and Kim Kardashian have already moved on

    Pete Davidson has been dating Chase Sui Wonders since December 2022. Chase is an actress and she is known for her performance as Riley in 16 episodes of the HBO Max series, ‘Generation.’ She has appeared on other TV shows and films like ‘Bupkis’, ‘Betty’, ‘City on Fire’, ‘Daniel Isn’t Real’, ‘Out of the Blue’ and more.

    Pete has been romantically linked to several other well-known faces in the past, including Carly Aquilino, Cazzle David, Larry David, Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and many more. Pete is known for his appearances in films like ‘The Suicide Squad’, ‘Fast X’ and more.

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