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    “Pete Went Through…”: Kim Kardashian Feels Guilty About Pete Davidson’s Suffering Due To Kanye West

    Pete Davidson surely had a spooky start and end to his relationship with Kim Kardashian! The couple sparked dating rumors in 2021 when they were spotted together on a rollercoaster ride holding hands. In February 2022, Pete officially called Kim his “girlfriend.” He also went to the extent of having a tattoo of the socialite. Kim and the SNL alumnus attended the Met Gala together in May 2022. However, in August 2022, the couple called it quits on their relationship.

    During their relationship, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, was very insecure about their relationship. He bullied Pete and Kim by exposing their chats online and breaching their privacy. He also took a dig at Pete’s previous relationship with Ariana Grande. Ye crossed the limits by releasing a diss track video where he decapitated and kidnapped Davidson. Now, during the first episode of season three of ‘The Kardashians,’ Kim feels guilty for all the pain caused to Pete due to her previous relationship with Kanye.

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    Kim Kardashian Feels Guilty Of Causing Pain To Pete Davidson

    Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
    Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

    In 2022, the court allowed Kim Kardashian to announce her singlehood. Since then, Kanye West has tried all tactics to bully and harass Kim and her family. Along with her mother, Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, suffered the humiliation. During the first episode of season three of ‘The Kardashians,’ Kim Kardashian expressed her embarrassment.

    Kim Kardashian said, “And there was a lot of guilt. [Pete] went through a lot because of my relationship [with Kanye].”

    She continued, “I go back and forth in my feelings. Sometimes like, ‘Ugh, who is ever going to want to date me, I have four kids, I’m in my 40s, like, Oh my God who is going to want to deal with the [drama].’ But my person will be like, ‘F**k all of that, it’s going to be hard but we’re together and we’re going to do this.’ So I’m just waiting for that person.”

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    The Reality TV Star Took A Sly Dig At Her Ex-Husband During A Podcast

    Kim Kardashian takes a hit at Ye during the Jay Shetty podcast
    Kim Kardashian takes a hit at Ye during the Jay Shetty podcast

    Kim Kardashian reflected on the harassment that she received from Kanye West’s side during the ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty’ podcast. She talked about how coexistence is possible between two people who have colliding views. During the same conversation, she also took a dig at Ye.

    The Skims owner told Jay Shetty, “Something I learned is that you cannot help people that don’t want the help. You can’t force your beliefs and project that on someone that thinks something totally different.”

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